Hunger Strikes

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Subterranean Sandwiches

The hunt team was nearing the pink team and the black team, and the points all seemed to be converging on the map. The pink team crouched and stayed quiet, ears perked. The black team continued trudging through the woods, Brooklyn style. The hunt team paused and the pink team has crouched for so long that they become visible to the hunt team. The neighbors charged up their talons and the pink team bolts. They’re fast, but not fast enough and the red team tagged out the pink team.

The gray team was worried that the pink team was in there with them because they’re survivalists and could be seen as a resource. But they’re probably the biggest threat. Back at the village, the blue team took a poll proving that the pink team is an asset to the community. The gold team pointed out that the pink team is a threat. Jarick’s vague but positive motivations for winning are also brought to the table. It’s for the children.

Most of the teams were thinking in terms of who -- as the hunt team -- could get the blue team out. The teal team said they don’t want to vote out all the strong teams because then it would be a lot of weaklings and the blue team left to lord over them. I’m pleased to see that villains have emerged so quickly, all over some sub sandwiches.

At the elimination, Jarick told host Luke Tipple that he’s surprised the red team, of all people, got them out. That is the wrong thing to say to two athletic gay neighbors.

"I think the division one football player is upset that he got put up for elimination by two homos," one of the red team members said. Now this is a hate crime. The pink team wisely stayed quiet. The red team was up first to vote, and with fresh homosexual vengeance, they placed their talon firmly on the gray team’s side. They will not be underestimated again!

The gold team voted for the pink team, and Luke Tipple sums up that each team has one vote. There are so many unnecessary mechanics on this show, down to the dramatic double bridge drop once the votes are in. The votes stayed tied, one for gray, one for pink, and so on. The teal team voted for gray because they don’t think they could beat them. The blue team made a big speech and placed the fifth vote for the gray team. I’m pleased to see that people are underestimating the pink team, who are now safe. Jarick and Tremana were convinced that they were the biggest competitors out there, but they didn’t have enough time to learn not to be all stomp-y in the forest. Jarick told the teams not to lose themselves and to watch out for the blue devil.

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