Reversal of Fortune

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An Eye for an Eye, a Talon for a Talon

I'm really going to miss how dramatic James made everything. Not that the show doesn't do well enough on its own, structurally. Just past what we were told was the halfway point, the teams woke up to a very cold battlefield. Jacob was worried about bedhead, but now that everyone looks like crap and no one cares, Jacob just doesn't want to lose. Then we got to learn more about the gold team, finally. They are brothers from Oregon, and they're not that close to each other or any of the teams. The white team, Matt and Kaliesha, were sick of being chased and prayed they would be selected as the hunt team.

Being the hunt team isn't getting any harder. Luke announced that this time, when the hunt team was released, everyone's vest alarms would sound. Not to be outdone by himself, Luke announced a further twist: a mystery box. Yes, sold. The mystery box's location will turn off the alarms, but shows up on everyone's tracking device including the hunt team. The mystery box also contains a "game-changing advantage" to be revealed later. Eeeeee, I'm loving it.

Much to White's disappointment, the gold team was selected to be the hunt team. Maybe this could be the thing to bring these brothers closer. The teams sprinted off into the terrain, particularly the red team, trying to get out of earshot. The gold team has established themselves as major threats, somehow.

Possibly to their dramatically ironic detriment, the white team says what they would do with the money if they won. The want to open up an MMA boxing gym … for kids. You know, everything for the children. Whoever wins this thing, The Children will benefit.

Feeling cocky, the gold team admitted to Luke that in their minds it's pretty much them against Red. I'd love to see the pink or teal team catch them. Gold was released and the prey teams' vests sounded. It was possibly also a form of mental torture. Soon after, the mystery box location was revealed and everyone pounded after it.

"Hopefully we're gonna get out there pretty quick and get there before anyone can find that damn box," one of the Brothers Gold said. This is totally like in The Hunger Games when they announced that all the medicines and stuff were at the cornucopia to bring all the remaining teams together. I was stressed out.

The hunt had only been going on for fifteen minutes when the teal team (yes!) found the box and deactivated the alarms. So much for that advantage to the hunt team. Red almost got there, but was happy for Teal. Friendship is so great, everyone should try it. Matt and Kaliesha, who are barely friends with each other under duress, decided to sneak away from the mystery box once they realized someone had already found it.

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