Reversal of Fortune

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An Eye for an Eye, a Talon for a Talon

Luke also announced that there would be margaritas at the supply station, along with a phone to drunk-dial your loved ones. The gold team didn't even react. A quiet anger is often more frightening than a fit. Luke released the red team into the hunt, and they ran in hopes of catching the gold team. This time, and every time, it's personal. These two love revenge and I'm not just talking about the show on ABC.

The black team, of course, went for the supply station. White and Gold stayed away from it because family/friends/loved ones can wait. It's about having priorities, and clearly making lots of friends has gotten them this far …

The hunt team mistakenly thought Gold or White would go for the supply station, but everyone except those teams went. The pink team hadn't indulged in supply station goodies since the very first supply station, and they couldn't believe how good nachos tasted. Antoine got to call his mom, who is sick. Then the red team arrived and Luke warned them against going into the supply station. I'm not sure why the hunt teams keep revealing themselves outside the supply station. Do they have to?

The red team stood at the perimeter to intimidate the green team, who continued to enjoy their nachos. The black team trotted in to the supply station, and the red team didn't even try to catch them because they couldn't win that vote. What a unique position.

"Oh my god, me and Sabrina are like, in the FAWREST," Noelle told her dad on the phone. She assured him that they went to the supply station to use the phone and drink tequila just like they used to do back home. Makin' Daddy proud.

The green team charged out of the supply station, after a weird margarita toast to the red team, and Red followed them as quickly as possible. The green team, full of margaritas and nachos, outran the red team, who was already exhausted from the day before and from plotting so many revenges. They escaped over a bluff or something and 45 minutes remained in the hunt.

Shit, I am so nervous I could crap myself. The green team took a breather as the gold team approached, having trudged uphill. The only thing dragging them down more than the altitude is their attitudes am I right? They've been complaining a lot, is what I was getting at. They really wanted that food

The red team returned to the supply station just as Luke announced it was no longer a safe zone. Jacob wanted to make a phone call and swore to Rob it would only take one minute. One minute of the 25 remaining to get someone. Jacob is usually very determined and sensible, but the man loves a supply station. Jacob called his boyfriend and it was so sweet. I wish that Jacob's boyfriend was my boyfriend. I don't mean it in a weird way, just that he seemed really supportive.

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