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Chasing the White Rabbits

I can't believe we're already down to the final four teams. I miss everyone so much, except the gray and yellow teams because I didn't really get to know them. In a narration recapping last week's episode, Luke called Pink's decision to split from the group a "critical mistake," and I would still disagree with that. Anyway, I hope something crazy happens in this episode to make the numbers interesting.

Having camped in the aggressively athletic wilderness for 17 days, everyone was even grumpier. "I don't like white," Red told Teal just flat out. I don't really, either, but it's only because I don't relate to them or understand them. For the first time, no one really wanted to be the hunt team, now that they'd all had a taste of it.

Luke started off the hunt by telling the teams about the first advantage. The team who won this advantage would have the power to trap and confine another team within a small zone for the remainder of the hunt. If the sabotaged team leaves the zone their vest alarms will sound and location revealed. The second twist was that all four teams would start the hunt as prey, then ten minutes after the release, one team would get a secret message directing them to a secret location with talons. Everyone else would proceed not knowing who the hunt team was. Tasty!

Matt and Kaliesha, as usual, were sure they'd be targets so they were hoping to be the secret hunt team. Jade and Nikita were hoping for the opposite, since they do better as a prey team. Kareem and Antoine also hoped to be the hunt team. Talking about what they bring to the table, Jade and Nikita were shown walking through the woods and getting stuck in brambles.

A talon went up next to Luke, who has been living life pretty cushy in a hotel just outside the village, I'm sure. The red team was selected to be the secret hunt team, so Luke sent them the message and directed them to the "hunt box" to get their talons. This is technically their third time as the hunt team.

The hunt box was in a ridiculous location: inside a box, inside a drainage pipe on the side of the road. What the fuck, Capture. Anyway, once they got out of the drain pipe, the red team was released and almost stumbled across the white team but decided it "could have been an animal." An animal! Not a smart one, that's for sure.

The Advantage Point location was revealed up North and white and green ran for it, constantly assuming they are targets. Also, Antoine has to wear those hilarious sports goggles now because he got something in his eye last time, or just to be high maintenance. Green found the advantage first, and put White in the box of shame. I wonder what would have happened if they chose Red?

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