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Chasing the White Rabbits

Angrily, like a caged animal, Matt calls everyone "a bunch of snakes," and Kaliesha complained of the lack of coverage and abundance of loud, popping sticks in the quarantine zone. Even though the white team was contained, the red team still didn't know where that area was. They came across the green team first.

The green team crouched in quiet anticipation and spotted the red team, looking out onto the territory from atop a rock like a couple of gay John Smiths. Is it redundant to say gay John Smith? I mean, iiiiisss iiiiittt?

The green team escaped without sound, and then the red team neared the white team. Kaliesha boxes three-minute rounds, so she has a good idea of when their stationary time expires. With five minutes left on the clock, the teal team neared the red team. This is a horrible situation. Red team realized that they had to get Teal, even though they were allied. Run, Nikita, run!

If the Teal team is eliminated, this show could get a lot less entertaining. Sadly, the teal team was captured, with apology. "We wish you were someone else," Red said. At least they can't catch Teal twice, so whatever teams they find on the second day will be White or Green. The Teal Twins forgave the red team.

"I can't be bothered to be approached by people," Jade or Nikita told her twin in jail. Everyone was disappointed to have Teal in jail. White found out that Green sabotaged them, which meant their already shaky alliance was severed. This was good news for Red and Teal, proving yet again that an alliance is a great idea. Turns out it was about flirting all along.

Matt and Kaliesha were feeling good about their progress and their achievements, but they sure are talking about that gym and Kaliesha's father a lot in this episode, which tells me they are likely going home.

For the second day of the hunt, Luke's voice told the teams that the day's advantage could be key to their survival in the forest. Is it a bear trap? Almost! It's a case of digital land mines, which reveal a team's location to the hunt team if they step inside its 100 foot perimeter. One can only assume that teams could be snared by their own land mines, so this should be interesting.

Obviously it's pretty good to be the hunt team at this stage in the game. "Land mines, what the heck is that?" Antoine asked. And then they were off, to find digital land mines and learn what exactly that means.

"It's really important for us to get that advantage today," Antoine told Kareem, "so we can get those … digital land mines?" It sounds stupid to us, too, and we're not even indoctrinated. We do have the advantage of that demonstrative graphic they kept showing us. I see now, it's science. Once the Advantage Point was revealed, White and Green sprinted for it.

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