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Chasing the White Rabbits

Green found the advantage, and it appears that only the opposing prey team can be caught by the land mine, so it sucks to be the white team. Meanwhile, the red team was creeping around the perimeter, where they spent a lot of their days as a successful prey team. The green team traipsed around, planting these digital land whatevers into the ground, then the red team just ran into them. The white team was sabotaged twice, and they're starting to seem more like the white rabbits.

Green stepped lightly, escaping the path of the lumbering red team yet again. The red team argued about how to go East as the green team's dot drifted away from them on the map. The white team triggered a land mine because how could they not? The red team heard a team walking through the trees and both teams involved managed to stop bickering for a moment to avoid each other. With five minutes left, the red team grew anxious. Finally, they spotted the white team lying in wait and chased them down. Jacob caught Kaliesha, and what transpired was an astounding avalanche of emotions.

Jacob checked on Kaliesha to make sure she was OK after landing and Kaliesha was smiling. She said yes, she was fine, and congratulated the red team on capturing them. Then, she started crying. Kaliesha, of all people, began to cry. She sobbed into Jacob's shoulder and repeated, "good job, you guys," as Matt rolled his eyes and shook Jacob's hand.

"It was so genuine," Rob noticed, as taken aback as anyone. Damn, show, why you gotta make me like Kaliesha when her fate is sealed? Still not a big Matt fan, though.

The green team congratulated themselves on making it to the finals, and Teal tried not to look too excited when Red returned to jail with the white team. Green dealt with mixed emotions, seeing a team who did so well and who they respect in jail next to a team who would be easier to beat.

Once she was captured, Kaliesha's emotions ran free, she struggled not to cry when Luke asked her what it would mean to be in the finals. It was basically a useless question, since White knew how the votes would go. Kaliesha was suddenly so sweet, so pretty when she was smiling. Too bad it didn't even matter how Green voted, since the hunt team breaks the tie. But Green voted for White anyway, so as not to draw things out.

Kaliesha encouraged the remaining teams to fight the good fight and said, "may the best win." My wish for them is that Matt never call Kaliesha "woman" again. It looks like the finale (airing this Wednesday, not next week) features a race, one that draws blood from one of the twins so that we can tell them apart.

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