The Blue Devils

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Sorry for Partyin'

Knowing that the black team was allied with blue, Matt and Kaliesha chose to sabotage the black team. With an hour left of day one, the teams were feeling more confident. The purple team has parkoured all over the terrain and it made them tired. They took a little breather on a rock.

The closer to Last Call it gets, the more the blue team shines, though. They headed North to take a look at the rocks and discovered the purple team. The purple team thought they had everything figured out from being the hunt team the first week when no one knew what they were doing. They were over-confident, sitting on top of their mountain. The blue team burned some steam heading uphill and chased the purple team across the rocky ledge. It was actually pretty exciting, especially when it ended with Ryan getting tagged and Erica screaming, "NO!"

The blue team celebrated in full fist-pumping regalia. Not knowing what else to do, Erica ran down to confront the blue team but the best she could come up with was, "really?"

"What's really? This is the hunt, baby!" Shane tells her, as asshole and unhelpful as ever. Look, Shane, just because you look like Patrick Dempsey does not give you the right to wave your dick around however you choose. Shane said it felt even better to tag out a team that truly hates them. Erica threw a dirt clod in their general direction, and Shane tacked on, "sorry for partyin'."

"You got caught, we didn't," Shane stated, momentarily forgetting how the game works. What I want to know is the exact number of drinks this guy has had thrown in his face. Shane and Erica continued to argue, Erica asking him why he threw the sandwiches in the water. Shane told her, "it's part of the game, honey," which made her break down in sobs. I feel for you, girl, I wouldn't want to get rug-pulled by McDouchey either.

"This is the worst thing that could have happened!" Erica lamented between tearful gasps. Give this woman some damn food!

All the other teams felt relieved to know the hunt is over, but no emotion compared in magnitude to Erica's frustration as the blue team locked them in that flimsy fake jail. The pink team felt OK to see the purple team there, and the black team felt annoyed to see those weight belts waiting for them. In the hunter's den or whatever that plush resort for the hunt team is called, the blue team took the silver covers off their food and immediately placed the covers on their heads. Like babies. Maybe, if we're lucky, they'll just bang their heads together hard enough and eliminate themselves.

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