The Final Countdown

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How the Hunt Was Won

One thing's for sure about the end of Capture's first season, it had better conclude with a big meal for the final three teams. After 18 days in the wilderness, everyone seems to have aged at least ten years, except for the twins because I don’t think medically, that twins age.

The Teal team was feeling hopeful at the start of the final hunt and I wanted to feel hopeful for them, but going against Green and Red with just smart ideas doesn’t seem like enough. The teams met with Luke, who told them that by the next day, one team will have claimed $250,000. How can this final three hunt go on for two days? What could it be exactly?

Luke told the teams that this hunt would only last one day and that there would be an elimination that night. In order to guarantee a spot in the final two, the hunt team would have to capture both teams in one day. This worries the Teal team, who has a one in three chance (maybe one in two) of being the hunt team and is better at being a prey team.

But hunting two teams in one day isn’t enough for Luke Tipple. The insatiable host went on to tell the teams that either their eyes or ears would be taken away but that twist would be revealed at some point into the hunt. This is madness/Sparta.

And the selected hunt team was… the Green team. This was bad news for the prey teams, because the Green team is fast, and also because their alliance would finally be shattered if they were both caught. Regardless, Red and Teal bounded into the woods, with only two days to go of being tired and hungry.

"This is do or die," the Red team says, offering one of their many ultimate clichés from the season. But the Green team knows they have to capture both teams or they're done. Moments into the hunt, the Red team starts arguing again because someone had to with the White team gone. The Green team gets closer to Teal, who try to hide in the trees and ended up bleeding. Jade or Nikita look horrifying with blood streaming down her head. Head wounds tend to bleed an alarming amount, even if the scratch is small.

While bemoaning a head injury, the Teal team reveals their proximal location to the green team. They crouch like runners at the starting block until they see Teal, who tumble down some rocks and hills to escape. Disappointingly, Green catches Teal and has to escort them back to jail. Red gets a message that the first prey team has been captured and Jacob sighs dramatically, "We’re the only ones out here."

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