The Peanut Butter Pact

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Only five teams are left, and the hunt could become difficult if it weren't for Luke Tipple throwing advantage points and supply stations out left and right. While most of the teams got filthier and grumpier, the pink team thrived. They even caught a fish, which I don't think even the producers would have anticipated.

Matt and Kaliesha, the white team, were arguing as usual. All of a sudden, the pink team pulled out a jar of peanut butter, which made the British twins of the teal team infuriated. Nothing makes the teal team angrier than food inequality. So that's when the pink team started bothering everybody else. Whatever, I still love them.

Before the first day of the hunt, Luke introduced another new advantage point. This one assigns an "altitude mask" designed to challenge the wearer's breathing to a team member to wear for the duration of Day Two. To increase the stakes even more, Luke said he would trigger the alarms on the vests from the get go. Then, smugly, he said he wouldn't tell them how to turn off the alarms, just that working together would be key. Looking glasses would be available to find the other teams.

After Luke went mad with power, he revealed that the white team would be the hunt team. Matt and Kaliesha seemed pleased, but like all happiness for them, it was fleeting. Luke sent the prey teams on their way, vests ringing out into the wilderness. Almost immediately, Luke appeared on the teams' wrist devices to tell them that the alarms would only stop ringing once the four prey teams assembled to "complete the code." So each team would have a number and they'd have to do some kind of ropes course activity to work it out.

Matt and Kaliesha revealed a bit more about their plans for the Matt & Kaliesha Boxing Gym for The Children. Kaliesha was trained by her dad in the garage and he made her a triple world champion so this gym will give bullies of all ages the opportunity to channel their aggression in healthy ways, by beating the crap out of each other strategically and under supervision. Ready for a fight of any kind, Matt and Kaliesha were released out into the wild.

Not playing the teamwork game, Teal moves as far as possible away from the looking glass, anticipating White's presence there. Vests ringing, the pink team agrees to try to meet up with the other teams. Red and Green found each other and Christmas came early as they went together to the looking glass. They saw the hunt team gaining on Pink, who was headed for the looking glass.

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