The Peanut Butter Pact

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"Get in the woods," Arlynn called to Kirsten, and they darted toward the trees like two Katniss Everdeens (not Katniss and Peeta because oh my god, Peeta, what an anchor). For a moment, the white team lost Pink in the woods, but the vests were still ringing, so Matt and Kaliesha could stop to listen. They got in a fight about listening, and Kaliesha didn't like Matt's attitude. I just can't believe triple world champion Kaliesha would even date someone who would say, "I go where I wanna go, I'm the man in the relationship." Maybe he's really funny when they're not under duress.

Matt and Kaliesha sniped at each other for a while, pointing fingers like the Real Housewives and hissing through their teeth. It wasn't the best time for a re-hashing of the problems in their relationship, but it was as good a time as any.

The advantage point's location was revealed, and not even worried about the white team, Red and Green head for it hoping to meet up with Pink and Teal in the name of friendship. The advantage point was far North, while the pink team was way down South. Still, they went for the advantage point to stop the ringing in their ears and vests. Teal got the advantage and would decide at the end of the hunt who would have to wear the mask.

Green and Red met up with Teal, and that had them "one team away from cracking the code," Jacob said as though this were a completely different show. It might as well be. This code doesn't do them any good if they're fish in a barrel.

As luck would have it, the four prey teams all met up and "cracked" the code. It was 4231, in case you want to use that for your bike lock or something, Capture fans! The alarms stopped and the prey teams headed out together while the white team lay in waiting. Shortly after cracking the code, the pink team split from the pack, which was too smart for the other teams to agree with.

"Traveling together does not seem like the best idea," Arlynn noted. They split off, leaving Red, Green and Teal to tromp around together in a herd. In an upsetting stroke of dumb luck, the white team heard the pink team nearby and pursued them. Matt tagged Arlynn between two trees and the teams congratulated each other on a good chase. Matt said this capture proved how strong their relationship was.

The pink team hoped the other teams would have their backs, but friendship was thrown to the wayside for peanut butter jealousy. Plus, how dare they not travel with the group after they had that bonding moment of cracking the code?! Remember 4231, guys? Remember what a great time that was?

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