The Peanut Butter Pact

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Left to choose between Red or Green to give the altitude mask to, Teal chose Green. Green figured as much, since they are pretty much the best team in their estimation. Matt and Kaliesha are pleased to see the mask go on a team because it meant they'd probably be arguing during Day Two. That's what all the teams do, right?

The teal twins agreed that the pink team should have shared their peanut butter and that's why they don't deserve to be here. Red sided with them, saying that the peanut butter showed that the pink team didn't think they were all in this together. The three remaining prey teams agreed to get Pink out. Because they didn't want Pink to see them handshake, Rob suggested "a secret foot shake," which has no binding significance whatsoever. Hungry people do the darndest things.

For Day Two, Luke promised to open up a supply station with a full turkey dinner complete with mashed potatoes. Everyone wanted it. I wonder if Antoine will be allowed to take the mask off to eat some turkey. To Green's benefit, Antoine looks a bit more menacing with that mask.

Then, Antoine got a stick in his eye through the mask. This was not their day. Red went for the supply station, worried that Antoine and Kareem were getting more food than them. Teal also went to the station because they're still butthurt about not having peanut butter. No one even tried to make a deal exchanging votes for peanut butter with Pink, I might add.

Green was first to the turkey dinner, which is really just a big turkey complete with those bone leg things. Antoine got to take off his mask to inhale some turkey. Red and Teal attacked the bird next and the whole gang was back together again. Matt and Kaliesha hid in the brush, which no hunt team has done yet, watching the three prey teams gorge themselves. And gorge they did, to the point where the supply station was almost closed and they all wondered if they could run with their newly-acquired Thanksgiving guts. How gross would it be if Antoine threw up in the mask?

The white team sprinted after all the teams in general, and full of turkey, Red decided to lay low. They hid in the woods, hoping no telltale gas would give them away. It was almost Keystone Kops-esque, the way the white team ran past Red's hiding spot. There was little time to celebrate, though, because the white team caught up with and captured Teal.

The pink team was upset to go against the teal team in elimination because not only are they well-liked and well-aligned, but the pink team could be seen as the stronger team. They had no idea it was the peanut butter that would do them in.

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