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Lust in the Dust

Oh, and if you thought that "woman who travaileth" quote was a little labored, here's the one I didn't use: "Because the rod of him that smote thee is broken: for out of the serpent's root shall come forth a cockatrice, and his fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent" (Isaiah 14:29).

Delilah's. Samson heads out the door, but he turns back to hand her some cash. "For your statue," he explains, by way of an apology. "You gonna be out this way again?" she asks. "Expect so," he replies. "When you do," she tells him flatly, "don't come back here. Unless you want to bring farm boy again, that is." Samson tips his hat, and then does the walk of shame out of her life forever. Sigh. You know, I think I would have liked Delilah a lot better if she were a space hooker.

Carnieland. Meatloaf's Daughter is tending to Mommatose, as Pa Pimperson and Jonesy talk about how much worse things could have been. "I had no say in it," sighs Jonesy, as he turns away in frustration. "Ain't blaming you," offers Pa Pimperson. "It'd Management's call. Samson's the only one who can talk to him. Hell, everyone knows that." Yeah. BECAUSE YOU TOLD US SIX BILLION TIMES. Mommatose, by the way, has a hilarious expression on her face through the entire scene, but that may just be because they've got her head bent at a really uncomfortable angle. I mean, really. Who thought that would be helpful?

Cut to the car, with Osgood driving Samson back to the carnival. "That girl is a real wingdinger," he says. Samson is predictably pissed, and orders Osgood to shut the hell up for the rest of the trip. Hee! I love Osgood. Not as much as Lodz and Lila, but it's close. Although I do wonder what his love life is like when he's not driving the boss. ["And it shall be as the chased roe, and as a sheep that no man taketh up." -- Isaiah 13:14]

Before Samson can get back home, however, Jonesy decides to pay a little visit to his trailer. He knocks on the door, and asks if everything is okay in there. When Management fails to answer, he takes the keys Samson handed over earlier and lets himself in. Not the extended shot of the lock, by the way. Once inside, he explains that he's just there to check on Management, and make sure he survived the storm. He gets only silence in response, and eventually moves to leave. But then he gathers his courage, and steps back to the curtain. He pulls aside, and reveals…nothing. Just some dust on the floor. Dun dun DUN! He gets all pissed, like Samson's been pulling one over on him, but I have to believe that Jonesy has been with the carnival long enough to think that there might be something a little more supernatural at work here. I mean, he obviously doesn't think it's weird that Sofie talks to her comatose mother, and he must have seen Lodz do…whatever it is Lodz does at least once or twice. So why not have some faith in the little guy?

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