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Lust in the Dust

And it looks like Ben and Lodz will be the first team back from their travels this week. Lodz is still trying to con Ben into learning…whatever it is Lodz has to teach, but Ben just takes off without even saying goodbye. Lila shows up to help Lodz back to his trailer, and asks if he got what he wanted from the kid. "And more," he replies. "I knew he'd be a ripe suck," laughs Lila. She leaves the "I just wish I'd been the one doing the sucking" part unsaid. "There is much work to be done," announces Lodz, and that right there is what finally puts him over his foreshadowing limit for the week. We'll see no more of Blindy Boy until next Sunday.

Mommatose's trailer. Sofie sits beside her mother, and has strangely still not bothered to clean the dust off her mouth. It's a little hard to make out, but I believe their conversation went something like this:

Sofie: I'm sorry.
Mommatose: Yeah, well you better be. While you were out trolling for townies, I was stuck here breathing topsoil and listening to the Pimperson Girls singing "Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad" all night. So did you at least get lucky? Was it paradise by the dashboard light?
Sofie: Yes, I did. But we'll talk about it later, okay?
Mommatose: Aw, come on! I want to hear all the juicy details! Was he good? Did he rock your world? Was he better than the boy from that Red Hill mining town? Did he at least remember to take off his wedding ring first?
Sofie: I didn't know he was married.
Mommatose: How could you not know? The café was named after his wife, for God's sake. Not that you probably cared, anyway. Hell, you probably just laid there like a fish thinking about how soon you get back here and empty my bedpan again.
Sofie: That's an ugly lie.
Mommatose: No, actually it really does need to be emptied. Could you get started on that, please? Thanks.


Last to hit the mat this week is Samson, who doesn't make it back to Carnieland until well after dark. He goes to check on Jonesy, but his faux-cheery comments about the weather are met with nothing but stony silence and an aggrieved stare. Jonesy finally deigns to speak to the boss long enough to say that things are "right as rain," and then he hands over the key ring and limps off to go shoot himself in the living room. Or something like that.

California. Iris wanders down the hallway of their house, and walks right into Clancy's room. She pauses in the doorway just long enough for everyone to have a Flowers in the Attic moment, and then she gently shakes her brother awake. "There's been a fire at the ministry," she explains, and then we cut to the two of them arriving at a burnt-out St. Chin's. Despite the fact that he's staring directly at a row of body bags in the middle of the street, Clancy still has to ask what happened to the children. And then, as an ovary of Middle-Eastern descent keens on the soundtrack, he runs over to the bodies and collapses onto his knees. "It's a damn shame," says a nearby fireman. "These kids survived the fire, and the smoke, and the collapsing building, but when they finally made it outside they were immediately crushed by a rain of anvi…er, brimstone. Yeah, crushed by brimstone. That's what I meant." ["And Babylon, the glory of kingdoms, the beauty of the Chaldees' Excellency, shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah." -- Isaiah 13:19]. As Iris moves to comfort her sobbing brother, the camera slowly pulls back to show dozens of townspeople watching this overwrought tableaux, and then we finally fade to black.

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