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Lust in the Dust

Ben and Lodz, meanwhile, are still trapped in their truck, which is almost totally obscured by the wall of dust. "In my experience," pontificates Blindy Boy, "darkness often yields the brightest light." "That's swell," replies Ben, with just the right sarcastic tone. Heh. Then he goes to sleep. No, really.

A very cool shot shows the storm enveloping the Carnieland tents, and then we see Pa Pimperson and Meatloaf's Daughter dashing through the dust to Mommatose's trailer. They climb inside, hacking and coughing, and Pa takes a moment to close a window which has been open all this time. Seeing as how we've already been shown this week that Mommatose can control these things, I'd definitely have to agree with our forum posters who believe that she left it open on purpose to guilt-trip her daughter. Or maybe she just left it open on purpose so that the director could throw in a truly disgusting shot of Meatloaf's Daughter propping Mommatose up and whacking her on the back as she barfs up some congealed dust. Ew. On the other hand, Mommatose obviously isn't a smoker. I can hork up worse stuff than that when it's not even allergy season. Flick…ahh.

Ben is so happy to be actually sleeping IN a truck as opposed to under one that he snoozes right through the sound od Lodz opening his door and climbing out. Ben does, however, wake up just in time to see the guy disappearing into the haze. After putting a rag over his mouth to block out the dust, Ben exits the truck and tries to follow. The storm makes that exceedingly difficult, but he does eventually manage to stagger past the carcass of a dead lamb ["But wild beasts of the desert shall lie there…" -- Isaiah 13:21] and into a nearby abandoned house, where he finds Lodz already building a fire in the fireplace ["…and their houses shall be full of doleful creatures." -- Isaiah 13:21]. It's worth noting that the house in question totally wasn't there in any of the long shots, which does lend at least some credence to the idea that this entire sequence is nothing but a dream Ben had while sleeping in the truck.

Back in the diner, Sofie has apparently forgotten all about her mother, and is coquettishly asking Harlan if he's married. He says he's not, even though his restaurant just so happens to be named "Sally's Café." He claims that Sally is his mother, and Sofie gives him a "Yeah, right" sort of look that vanishes into blackness when the lights go out.

Cut to The Whore Of The Truck Stop On The Dirt Road To That One Town Near Babylon, lighting a candle in her living room. She then sits down in a chair, and we see that Samson and his driver are also in the room with her, everyone sitting silently and totally feeling the awkwardness. Heh. I hate my boss just as much as the next guy, but at least I've never been forced to spend the night with him and his prostitute. What exactly do you say in those situations, anyway? Is there, like, an Emily Post book on that or something? If there is, the driver obviously hasn't read it, because he eventually turns to The Whore Of The Truck Stop On The Dirt Road To That One Town Near Babylon and blurts out, "I've got two bucks." Bwa! The humor is totally in the timing, and in Samson's disgustedly disbelieving cry of "Two bucks?" But it turns out the joke's on him, because The Whore Of The Truck Stop On The Dirt Road To That One Town Near Babylon (which will heretofore be abbreviated as "Delilah") is actually bored enough to accept the offer, and leads Osgood the driver upstairs. Osgood turns back to give his boss a hilarious grin, and Samson just sits there looking sad and angry. Aww. And I really feel for the poor guy. I mean, I can't even tell you how many times this exact same thing has happened to me.

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