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Lust in the Dust

California. Apparently, having a time-traveling cyborg as governor is causing some serious ripples in the space-time continuum, because it seems that only a few moments have passed since the last time we were here. Clancy is seated alone in the pews, crying over the letter Father Walton delivered. Iris finds him there, and he hands it over for her to read without saying a word. She's all, "We should trust in Pa Walton," but Clancy isn't having it. He is, however, having a lengthy monologue: "Did you know that there is a boy here whose mother abandoned him in the restroom of a five-and-dime?" he asks. Hey, just be glad it wasn't the restroom at Sears."Or that Polly Ann's father sold her to some men for one dollar?" Heh. And I bet he's pretty pissed off, too, now that he knows the going rate is at least two bucks. "No, of course not," continues Clancy. "Who wants to dwell on things like that? We never consider the little ones. We only put on our clothes. Who can see the children, feeding the endless, ravenous hunger of the textile mill. Mechanical mouths that aren't choosy." Um, I don't know. Maybe Kathie Lee Gifford? "Why think of the boys in the mine…old men by nine, black lung by twelve. Coal is heavy and hard. Hands are soft, and fragile. Crushed. Feet crushed. Skulls crushed." Yeah. We've officially crossed the border into Creepyville, folks. Be sure to declare any fruits or organic produce you may be carrying. The lights around Clancy and Iris begin to dim as he gets worked up into a righteous lather. "Go for a walk, and you see them. Boys and girls selling themselves to men and women. A nickel buys a virgin." Wow. That Polly Ann must have been a real slut to go for a full dollar. "Some are kept in cages. Babies bought by men who raise them as livestock. Animals to abuse, soft flesh to violate, to tear and bite." Damn. Issues much, Brother Justin? Clancy clenches his eyes shut before rising to the big finish: "If anyone causes even one of the little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and be drowned in the depths of the seas. They must open their eyes! They must open their mouths and drown!" Dude, I'm down with the righteous indignation, but drowned by a "large millstone"? What the hell is that?

Carnieland. All the freaks are gathered in one trailer, although I have no idea whose. Jonesy comes in looking for Sofie, but no one has seen her. "When are we going to get to shelter?" asks Gordon. "When Management says so," replies Jonesy. "Just like always." Did you forget? Jonesy never talks to Management.

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