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Snake Harming

Previously: I told some lies. There was money inside Lodz's wallets; sorry about that. Okay, and remember how I kept saying that the tapes didn't have captioning, so I'd find out what some characters were saying when the show aired? What I meant was, "So you don't need to send me lots of email about it, because by the time you know that I was wrong, so will I." I do appreciate that you just wanted to help, but I seriously don't have time to reply to each of you, so for the record: "Thank you, yes, it was [insert your correction here]." So anyway, last week Sofie got a new home, Varlyn got a new mission, and Brother Justin got a new maid.

Carnivàle. Night. Spookiness. Sofie wakes up and feels an overwhelming need to go bother Ben. He's crashed out under a truck, and grunts as she tells him that she smelled smoke in the trailer.

Ben obligingly pokes around a little in the trailer without noticing anything untoward. He suggests that it was a dream, and leaves.

Morning. Ruthie shows off her cleavage, which is impressive even when she's lying on her back wearing just a nightgown. That's talent, my friends. Ruthie sits up as she looks through the sheer curtains hanging around her bed, and sees Lodz in her trailer. She asks, "Gabe?," and I wonder if she needs glasses. When Ruthie pulls the curtains aside, Lodz is gone.

Future site of the Jericho temple. There's a lovely farmhouse up on a hill overlooking the site, which will matter later. For now, the important thing is that a shanty town appears to be forming around the tent. Brother Justin, Iris, and Dolan are touring the grounds as Dolan insists that Justin will have to turn some of these people away. He argues that some of them are there because they're "looking for a hot meal." They're only doing stuff so they don't starve? What jerks! Justin and Iris are adamant about helping anyone who comes them. Justin smirks, "They've come because they were called, Mr. Dolan. We need them all." Iris gives Dolan a "Nyah!" look, and follows Justin away.

Carnivàle. At breakfast, Sofie insists to Ben that the smoke was real, and not part of a dream. She looks prettier than usual this week, and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because she's interacting with people instead of just looking surly. Ben says, "Sometimes I wonder if all this ain't the dream." Ben's just like Chuang Tze. Sofie says that if this is a dream, she'd like to wake up. This is apparently the most hilarious thing that Ben has ever heard in his whole life, because he actually allows the ghost of a smile to cross his face for a microsecond. Sofie says he should do that more often. Ugh. Ben looks around and asks if Sofie would read the cards for him, but Sofie says she can't with Apollonia gone. Or can she? Well, we won't find out this week, which means she can, but God forbid that something happen without several weeks of foreshadowing. Ben urges Sofie to give it a try, but Sofie refuses, and then asks Ben to take the cards from the trailer and burn them. Christ, can't you at least do that much yourself, Sofie? She mopes off just as Samson arrives to ask if Ben will need a truck today. Samson establishes that they've been in Ingram a week while Ben looks for whatever he's looking for. Ben gets defensive and snaps, "It's not like Kerrigan gave me a road map." Samson backs down, and Ben says he's going to check out some roads in the hills. Samson says he'll tell Management, and as he leaves, he advises Ben to watch his back. Uh oh, that was always bad news for Garibaldi. As Samson heads for Management's trailer, he tells a nearby carnie to "turn off that damn squawk-o-dyne!" That'd be the radio. The carnie reaches for the radio dial, we cut to...

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