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Snake Harming

Jason Lee is just about done digging a nice big hole. Ben lies tied up nearby, panting. Jason Lee kicks Ben into the hole, and starts to bury him. Well, if you want to be a fertility god, this is what you've gotta put up with.

Back at the bonfire, Dennis looks over the valuables the girls recovered from Ben's clothes and grumps, "That's it? $3.28, a hobo knife, and some goddamn buttons?" Dennis thinks the pregnant girl is holding out on them, and Bluto encourages her to share. She grudgingly pulls out the watch fob, and Bluto looks it over. Dennis grabs it, and then spots the initials on the back and gasps, "Oh shit."

Bluto and Dennis run over to Jason Lee shouting, "Ern! Stop!" I think the "Ern" might actually be a slurred "Aaron," but who am I to deny the captioning? They knock Ern out of the way and jump into the bit, unburying Ben in a panic. The showers of dirt they start tossing up are kind of impressive. I believe that Dennis gasps, "Our kin!," but the captioning doesn't agree. Now my trust is gone.

Ben is dragged out of the hole, dirtier than ever, and hacking up mud. Thanks. Bluto holds up the watch fob and asks if it belongs to Ben. Ben gasps, "Yeah." Bluto says, "She been waitin' for you."

Carnivàle. Ruthie's awake in her bed when her door opens. She sees a silhouette in the door and grabs her robe. This time she recognizes her visitor, and asks, "Lodz? Where you been?" Lodz walks away. Ruthie follows him outside.

Lodz leads Ruthie across the camp and to his former trailer. Ruthie goes inside.

In the trailer, Sofie is asleep in a chair as music plays on the radio. Lodz is nowhere to be seen, but the tarot cards are still scattered across the floor. Ruthie looks around, and finally grabs a blanket and tucks Sofie in, and then turns the lamp off. And exits. Well, that was enlivening.

The music starts to fade out, replaced with static. We zoom in on the radio and hear Brother Justin faintly, talking about how the shepherd lies down with his flock. Ha! He says that the shepherd is "forever vigilant against the Beast. The sheep are nothing without the shepherd." Sofie opens her eyes, and no, they're not all-black; she's just got dark eyes. Justin explains that there is no greater honor than for the sheep to give its life for the shepherd's table. Fade out.

Next time: Ben realizes that the circus freaks are preferable to the other kind, and Iris expresses some resistance to being an honored sheep.

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