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Birds Of A Feather

And then it's the next morning. Samson opens a map on a truck's running board and shows Ben where Cheyenne is. Ben says, "That's right down the highway." Samson figures that Ben can get there in two or three hours. Ben grabs the map and prepares to hop into the truck. Samson asks, "You sure you don't want to take some muscle?" Ben figures he'll "sneak up on him" better by himself. Samson says, "Strike Lucky." Ben stares back like, "Huh?" Samson nods significantly. Personally, I think he's doing a an impression of Yoda asking for cigarettes, but that's me.

Casa de Creepy. Sofie carries a loaded tray through the house, and then runs into Iris. Iris notices a vase with some blossoms on the tray, and removes it, saying that Brother Justin is a man of "simple virtues, and simple tastes." She places the vase on the dining table and continues, "The toast is dry," and removes what I assume is a small pot of jam. "Coffee black," and there go the cream and sugar. She looks over the much lighter tray and says, "That's better." Sofie thanks her. They stare at each other. I wonder if the scripts read "Sofie: [Stares.] Iris: [Stares.]" For page after page. Finally, Iris asks Sofie whether she's seen Eleanor. Sofie hasn't, but offers to go down to Shantyville and look for her. Iris smirks that Sofie has plenty to do in the house: "You serve at my brother's pleasure." Sofie nods. Iris fussily strokes one of Sofie's hairs into place and finally exits. Sofie waits for a second, and then puts the vase back on the tray before she moves on.

Brother Justin is sitting out in the yard, under a tree. He says, "Once you get past the striking repetition, it's really quite banal. I always thought it was overrated." We then see that he's talking to Balthus. Justin chuckles, "'Blessed are the meek.' Can you imagine?" Hee. I think at this point I'm grading the episodes based on how many times Justin makes me laugh. Sofie strolls out with the breakfast tray, to Justin's evident delight. He singles out the flowers for praise, adding, "Isn't that nice, Norman?" Sofie looks over at Balthus as she pours the coffee. Balthus looks back at her, shifts his eyes toward Justin and then back, and shakes his head a little. Justin says, "He loves coffee." Sofie finishes pouring, and Justin grabs her hand as she sets the pot down. Still holding her hand, he tells her that "Sofie" is a lovely name. He leans back seductively and breathes, "Sofie..." Sofie stares back. Balthus watches. Time passes. Eventually, Sofie asks if there's anything else, and Justin, looking a little disappointed, releases her hand and says no. Exit Sofie. Balthus shakes with semi-suppressed laughter. Justin notices this, and then his eyes turn black as he glares at Balthus. Balthus notices, and looks back with some confusion as he starts to work his jaw uncomfortably. Justin smiles as Balthus finally spits out a tooth, and a long string of blood. Justin puts his glasses on and returns to his studies.

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