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Birds Of A Feather

Expositional signage, ahoy. Ben drives past a sign telling him that he's fifty-three miles from Cheyenne. He notices the vultures circling in the sky.

Iris walks through Shantyville. I must express my admiration for Amy Madigan, because she perseveres even though they give her the most unattractive clothes to wear. On the other hand, she gets to be clean. Although Lila gets to be clean and well-dressed...but then she has to have a beard. I guess it all balances out. Iris stops at a tent and calls, "Eleanor?" Eleanor cowers on her bed inside. Iris enters, and looks around the tent. Eleanor has covered herself completely with a blanket, I guess hoping that Iris won't spot her. Heh. No such luck. Eleanor says that she's very sorry, but that she doesn't feel well. Eleanor jumps as Iris reaches out to feel her forehead. "No fever," she notes, and asks what's wrong. Eleanor says, "I saw the devil." Iris laughs and shakes her head, but Eleanor's insistent about it: "Brother Justin -- his eyes were black as pitch." She adds that she's seen "other things" that she hasn't told anyone about. Iris sternly tells Eleanor to hush, and asks, "What does the Lord say about lying?" Eleanor says that she's not lying, but finally answers, "Thou shalt not bear false witness." Iris says, "That's right!" and smiles like the problem is solved. Eleanor whispers, "I know what I saw," and curls up in her bed. Iris finally says that Eleanor is just overtired and needs a day off. "I have a wonderful idea," she chirps.

The vultures have started to land near Jonesy. Libby throws a rock at one and screams for it to go away. It's kind of Hitchcocky. Especially with Libby's blonde hair. Libby walks back to Jonesy, but then hears a car on the road and runs out to stop it. It's Ben, of course. "Hell," Ben says. Heh.

Ben stops and gets out of the car. Libby runs up and grabs him around the waist. Aw. They are a cute couple. She sobs, "Jonesy's dying!" and pulls Ben out toward her husband. Libby says that they have to take Jonesy to a hospital, but Ben doesn't think Jonesy will survive the trip to Cheyenne. Ben pulls out a switchblade and starts cutting the ropes fastening Jonesy to the rail.

Cut to Jonesy getting placed on the flatbed of the truck. Ben gets into the cab and starts driving while Libby sits in the back with Jonesy.

Ben passes a sign for the Cheyenne Motor Court, seventeen miles away. Then Libby hammers on the rear window. Ben stops and gets out. Jonesy is convulsing, and Libby elaborates, "He ain't gonna make it." Ben looks up to where the vultures continue to circle. Which seems unlikely, but hey. Ben gets back in the truck. I tell Johanna, "Oh, he's gonna make the birds fall out of the sky. That'll be cool." But instead, Ben fidgets and finally turns the truck, driving out onto a dirt road.

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