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Birds Of A Feather

The crowd finally quiets as Otho declares that he's running for Congress. Justin stands, shakes Otho's hand, and takes his turn at the podium. He opens with "Blessed are the poor in wallet, for theirs will be the kingdom here on earth." Heh. He goes on to say that the migrants are "the true Americans." The crowd cheers. Sofie smiles an itty-bitty smile. And: "Blessed are the righteous, for they shall be Washington!" Otho raises his hand in a V-for-victory. In the front row, Balthus looks around unhappily. Then he sees that next to him is a cop, with his holstered gun sitting there temptingly. Justin speechifies that they are the truth and light, and then there's a gunshot. The bullet ricochets off the Radio KoZAK microphone, which, incidentally, has been joined by microphones for other stations. Radio KAOS is not among them. Justin just barely blinks in reaction, a woman screams, and Otho dives down onto the floor. In the audience, two cops and one of the Okies try to wrestle the gun out of Balthus's hand. A photographer takes a picture as more Okies rush up to help. And in moments, there are a dozen people swatting at Balthus. Soon Balthus is hidden in a crowd of people clobbering him. Justin looks at the mob and bellows, "I command thee, stop!" Everyone freezes and looks up at Justin. He hops off the dais and pushes the Okies out of the way, snapping, "Get away. Do not touch this man!" He bends over a crumpled Balthus as everyone watches silently. After tenderly pulling Balthus's head into his lap, Justin looks around and says, "Blessed are those that understand and forgive." Sofie watches as the crowd praises Justin's munificence and begins to applaud. Sofie finally starts clapping enthusiastically. Justin straightens Balthus's jacket to show the Otho pin on the front as the photographer snaps another picture. Heh.

Beautiful shot of Ben silhouetted against the sky as more vultures circle above him. Jonesy stares at the camera with one un-tarred eye, and wheezes.

And then one scene from Jonesy's life passes before his, um, eye. I hate this part. I think it's cheesy and boring. So Jonesy sees himself throwing a pitch in the middle of the desert. We hear a crowd faintly, and an umpire calls, "Ball three!" The coach and catcher step onto the mound. The coach says, "Bases loaded, three walks in a row. You're done, Jonesy." Jonesy says he can get one more strike. The coach gets echoey as he says, "You walk this guy, you walk home." The coach and catcher leave. Jonesy shakes off the catcher like he's Nuke LaLoosh, and then finally throws the pitch. We go into blur-o-vision as the umpire announces, "Strike three!" And the crowd goes wild. Jonesy jumps around happily. God, I hate sports.

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