Lonnigan, Texas

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Take my wife. Please.

All the Tim DeKay fans have tuned out at this point, but we've got one last scene to go. Samson walks back to his trailer, where he's surprised to hear Lodz's voice coming from inside. He presses his ear to the door just long enough to hear that Lodz is talking about Ben, but just as Blindy Boy mentions Scudder, the door swings open, and Samson is busted. Of course he is. We certainly wouldn't want to learn anything about Scudder. Samson is utterly flabbergasted to see that Lodz has been chatting with Management, and then Management Himself (Herself, Itself, et cetera…) growls, "Samson, leave us." The voice is supplied by Linda Hunt, by the way, who played the Shadout Mapes in Dune, and therefore once and for all seals my eternal fate as The Official Recapper of Aberrant Sexuality And Religious Freaks In The Desert. It's all one big circle of God and furry knee-licking down here. Mom would be so proud. Samson reluctantly complies with this order, and goes to stand and wait outside his trailer. As he does, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small medal with the same "In Hoc Signo Vinces" logo on the front. On the back? The letters "H.S." Looks like we've learned something about good ol' Hack after all. Fade to black.

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