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Take my wife. Please.

California. We're staring at the exterior of a nice, rather serene-looking medical facility, taking in all the lovely Spanish architecture and the wide expanses of verdant green fields. And the also sound of someone screaming in agony. Said screamer turns out to be Brother Justin, who is being subjected to any number of particularly nasty psychiatric treatments. Incidentally, is anyone else reading Quicksilver right now? Because I'm starting to wonder how anyone managed to survive the seventeenth century. Not that things were any better in the twentieth, it seems. First Justin is strapped into a bathtub filled with ice, and then he's tied down to a gurney, intubated with a yellow rubber tube, and injected with a syringe filled with God knows what. The director gets just a wee bit too Clockwork Orange for his own good here, but then Clancy has a convulsion, and we cut to a much cooler shot of his lifeless form being dragged along a nicely atmospheric hallway. All of this occurs to the beat of a jaunty little tune by Kurt Weill, by the way. I think it's kind of sad that I'm just getting that joke from Velvet Goldmine right now, although we'll be discussing my lack of contemporary music knowledge later in the recap as well.

The same song continues into the next scene, where Lodz finally ends it by shutting off the record player in his trailer. So, to recap: Lodz and Justin are linked. Also, Jonesy never talks to Management. But more on Him (or Her, or It, or whatever) later. Lila is sprawled out on the bed behind Lodz, wearing nothing but a brightly-colored silk robe, and enjoying a nice post-coital hit off her hookah. Flick…ahh. "Was Daddy nice to Lila?" asks Lodz. Oy. Ew. Oy! Ewwww! Talk about hurling. I normally despise this phrase, but Dan Knauf owes me a new keyboard. Lila assures him that he was, and Lodz joins her on the bed, resting his head in her lap. She asks if things are going according to plan, and further observes that Ben is looking "rough around the edges." Lodz blames this on insomnia for some reason, rather than the more obvious explanation, which is that Ben hasn't showered ever, as far as we can tell. He then reaches back to stroke Lila's beard, and in a rare concession to the oft-ignored fact that the guy is supposed to be blind, Lila actually has to reach out and guide his hand to it. So let me get this straight: Lodz can mix drinks, light fires, navigate strange woodlands without any assistance, and unerringly locate Ben anywhere in the world at any time, but he can't find Lila's face when it's two feet from his own? Although I do concede that the ability to locate Ben may have more to do with that whole never-showering thing than anything else. Lodz asks his hirsute honey to keep an eye on Ben, and Lila languidly agrees before taking another drag off the hookah and power-hitting it into her blind boy-toy's mouth. They kiss, and then in a time-honored H B O tradition, he goes down on her. Oy. I like these two, but I still didn't need to see that. The payoff, so to speak, comes (again, so to speak) when the sound of Lila's moaning carries outside the trailer, and Random Roustie #69 is forced to pack up his wheelbarrow and scurry away in disgust. Hee!

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