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Second Coming

Carnival. Samson is sending the carnies out on a search for Sofie. As he directs the search parties, Lila growls, "What about Lodz?" She, Ruthie, and Gabe are forming a little tableau to one side. Samson unconvincingly says that he was just getting to that, and advises the carnies to be on the lookout for Lodz as well. He does not add, "But don't get worked up about it. He's certainly not in any ravines or anything, so don't bother looking in them" The carnies move out before someone else can notice that Ben has been gone a while too, and adds him to the list of MIAs.

Radio KRZY. Brother Justin welcomes his listeners to "The Church of the Air." As he starts in on these kids today with their clothes and their hair, the tech in the booth is started by one of his dials. The tech tells Dolan that the transmitter is rated for 5,000 watts, but is putting out 10,000.

Folsom. Or thereabouts. Actually, we don't get any helpful signage, but judging by the guards and the cells, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that we're looking at a prison. A warden sits at his desk, and a radio behind him is broadcasting Justin's show. One con trundles a book cart nearby, and stops as he hears something unexpected coming from the radio. In addition to the broadcast, we hear Justin rasp, "Stroud. You will be my apostle." The warden testily orders Stroud to get behind the line, in this case a square marked on the floor around his desk. Stroud moves his foot back from where it has barely inched over the line, and the warden relaxes. Is that a Blues Brothers shout-out? Justin continues, "My archangel." Wow, Stroud's been on the job for just a few seconds and he already got promoted.

Casa de Creepy. Brother Justin returns home, walks down the hall to his bedroom, and notices that Iris's door is shut. And, he quietly determines, locked. Ew. All forlorn, he goes into his room and starts to comb his hair, but the comb gets stuck until he yanks out a patch of hair, and skin. He examines the bloody wound, and yeah, I totally thought was going to sprout horns here. Instead, he yanks out another patch of skin, then starts peeling his face off, pulls his scalp back, and reveals Ben's slightly scabbed face under his own. That was effective. Justin stares at Ben's face and asks, "Who are you?" And then he gets his face back but goes on staring into the mirror, confused. Welcome to our world, dude.

Ben drives along, and another helpful sign tells us that this road leads to Las Cruces and Alamogordo. Fade out.

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