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Second Coming

Ben runs away from the trailer and ducks behind a truck, where he immediately lights up a cigarette, triggering vision-o-rama.

That spooky tree (I'm guessing boxthorn, just for giggles) stands on a hilltop, silhouetted against a cloudy orange sky. Brother Justin walks to the tree in an artsy blur. Lightning flashes as he touches the tree's trunk, and I sing, "Hey, wait, I've got a new complaint." Justin looks over the hill and into the valley, where we glimpse what I'm guessing is the Trinity site. Justin turns, and Creepy Ugly Naked Tatooed guy stands behind him. Creepy Ugly Naked Tattooed guy raises his right hand, fingers spread, and then slashes his palm with his left pinky. Apparently he could use an emory board, because he slices his palm open and out goo. All righty. Justin murmurs, "He is the Usher." That's just ludicrous! Heh, because he's...with the...sorry. But thank goodness we can stop calling him Creepy Ugly Naked Tatooed Guy. Except on special occasions.

Justin wakes up in his living room. Iris is sleeping on the couch, her skirt pulled up over her knees. She stirs and flashes her underwear "accidentally," and Justin stares, and then Iris is awake and staring back, and then Justin leaves the room.

Chinatown. Wearing a hat pulled low over his head, Justin knocks on a door and a Chinese girl nods and lets him in without making him say "I know kung fu." Ooo, intrigue!

Some carnies are tidying up the remains of Appollonia's bus. And Appollonia. Nearby, Jonesy assures Lila that Lodz wasn't in the van. A carnie pulls a sooty thigh bone out of the rubble. Okay, is that bone a plot point? I have trouble believing the fire was powerful enough to clean off the skeleton that perfectly. Unless the trailer was full of jet fuel. Anyway, Jonesy insists that Lodz will turn up.

Ironic cut to Samson tying blankets around Lodz's corpse. Management instructs Samson that the next time the cop comes looking for Ben, he should say that Ben died in the fire and give him the bones as proof. The hell? What a dumb plan. Management gripes that Ben isn't ready, and orders Samson to look out for him: "You will be my voice when I wish to speak to him, my ears when he chooses to speak to me." Samson says that scheme didn't work out so well before, but Management insists that Ben must not come into the trailer again: "He...tempts me." Aw, he wants his limbs back. Tough. Management's a jerk.

Ben and Samson drive along silently. Someone forgot to bring travel bingo. Ben hauls Lodz out of the back of the truck and sets him on the edge of a ravine. He also pulls off his bloodstained shirt and tosses it away. Samson says, "If someone picks a number for this, it's gonna be me." Ben doesn't think that's right, but Samson sneers, "It just is," and pokes Lodz's body with his walking stick, propelling the mentalist (in both senses) down into the ravine.

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