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Second Coming

Rev. Balthus is lying in a hospital bed, Bishop McNaughton attending him. Brother Justin and Iris enter the room. McNaughton expositions that Balthus had a stroke, and that they're not sure if he can hear what they say to him. Then McNaughton asks Iris to leave so that he can talk to Justin, and Iris goes off to plot his fiery, agonizing death for being rude. Good on her. McNaughton explains that Balthus sent him a letter claiming that Justin was possessed. He hands the letter to Justin, and we hear a tiny, quiet moan from Balthus. Should have candelabra-ed him when you had the chance, dude. Justin and McNaugton trade guilty platitudes about poor crazy Balthus, and with that, McNaughton exits. Justin closes the door and looks down at the bed. "Can you hear me? Yes. Yes you can. I can see it in your eyes. " He holds Batlhus's hand and apologizes, saying, "It never should have come to this."

Samson presents Appollonia's sooty bones to the cop. The cop thinks, "Gee, they're dirty enough to be Hawkins, but I just don't know..." Samson unconvincingly claims that Ben reappeared last night, and that when Samson sent some carnies to catch him, Ben hid out in the trailer. Jonesy looks a little nonplussed, but he backs up Samson's story and spits for good measure. Does Jonesy always spit when he's lying? He must be fun to play poker with. Once the cop is out of sight, Jonesy berates Samson for pulling such a dirty trick. "I done worse," Samson notes. Jonesy argues that Appollonia deserves more than "some unmarked hole in a potter's field." Were you going to take her remains to the secret gypsy graveyard, Jonesy? Because if not, it seems like that was where she was going to end up no matter what. He asks what Samson plans to tell Sofie. Samson turns and snaps, "Well, probably a big goddamn lie!" Heh.

Ben hides behind some laundry on clotheslines as he watches the cop drive away. Ben, you might want to rethink your strategy of hiding among things that are clean. Man, if that's it for the cop, I'm going to have to assume there was a change in plans during the hiatus, because that was pretty lame subplot. Then Ruthie approaches to say howdy. Ben asks how she is, and Ruthie thanks him for saving her life. Ben nervously asks what Gabriel told her, and Ruthie says that Ben tended her until the poison "broke." Ben chills a little, and Ruthie blissfully adds that she heard him calling her back as she was dying. Ben holds her hands a minute and then walks away, insisting that she doesn't owe him anything.

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