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Second Coming

Ben's in town, looking at the Templar hall. The lights in the building go out, and the Commodore exits.

Cut inside, where glass breaks noisily as Ben makes his non-stealthy entrance. I think we can safely assume that whatever his crimes were, burglary was not among them. He approaches a rolltop desk and uses his crowbar to snap it open.

Radio station KZAK, your choice for apocalyptic hits. I think I was right about Zachariah. Okay, they're real call letters. Still. Wilford -- the Scrabble guy from way back -- sits in the deco-ish lobby, looking sweaty. Which makes a change from looking dirty or sooty. He stands up as Brother Justin and Dolan enter, discussing the possibility of serializing Justin's memoirs. Wilford asks if he can have a word with Justin, and gets the brushoff until he announces, "I'm here for the Usher." Instead of telling him that the urban contemporary station is down the hall, Justin turns and stares. Dolan isn't interested in showing anyone to his seat, but Justin tells him to wait for him in the next room. Dolan has a nice "eek" moment and retreats. Dolan gone, Justin menacingly asks what Wilford wants. Wilford introduces himself, and as he moves to shake hands, we see a wee penknife concealed (sort of) in his hand. When Justin reaches his hand out, Wilford grabs it and slices Justin's palm. No blue goo; just the usual red stuff. Justin yells and pulls away. Wilford manages a frightened "I must have been mistak--" before Justin grabs him by the lapels and hurls him into...

...Spooky-tree-land, complete with orange sky and Nirvana lighting. Wilford looks understandably surprised as a black-eyed Justin hisses, "No, you're not." Heh. Wilford burbles, "You bleed like a man -- he's still alive!" Justin asks who's still alive, and Wilford recites, "By the hand of the prince the prophet dies. Upon his death the prince shall rise." Prince of Swords, I assume. Justin -- who probably prefers ribald limericks to rhyming couplets -- does an exasperated head-shake and roars, "Stop babbling and tell me who!" But Wilford just annotates himself, citing the Gospel of Matthias. (Chapter 3, verses 26-28, if you want to read along in your nonexistent home copy.) Wilford tells Justin, "You have to kill him with your own hands." Who? Guess. "Scudder." Justin asks what happens then, and Wilford says, "You'll be the prophet. The Usher." Justin smiles briefly at the idea of getting a boutonniere and showing everyone to their seats, and then hurls Wilford back into...

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