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This Way To The Egress

The next morning, the carnies search the cornfield. They find Ben and Justin, and gather around as Samson hurries over. Samson pulls out his flask and holds it under Ben's face. It fogs up, and Samson declares, "He's alive!" The carnies move forward and pick Ben up. Ben is carried away with his arms flopped out and the big blue bloodstain on his side, and as I said about a different show a couple of months ago, sometimes I enjoy it when a writer throws subtlety aside and slams his point into my skull with a sledgehammer. And once again, this is not one of those times.

The Carnivàle caravan is packed up and ready to hit the road. Stumpy wanders up to the Cooch car, where Rita Sue is holding Libby tenderly. Stumpy awkwardly says that they have to go. Libby says she won't leave without Jonesy. Stumpy sidles up to Libby and explains that there are thousands of Okies out there who loved Justin: "When they find out what Ben Hawkins done..." Rita Sue sadly chimes in, "We can't stay." Stumpy suddenly declares that Jonesy probably already left, and is waiting down the road to meet them. Libby tearfully asks, "You think?" Stumpy insists that Jonesy's resourceful. He kisses Libby on the top of the head, and then Rita Sue helps her into the back of the car. Rita Sue gets in the back with her daughter, and Stumpy waves to the front of the convoy.

Samson sits in the front car, and Osgood gets in. Samson asks, "Any luck?" Osgood shakes his head. Samson sighs, "Drive." Osgood protests a little, but Samson repeats the order.

Sofie walks through the cornfield, up to Justin's body. She kneels down, and stretches her hands out toward Justin's chest.

Iris stands in the yard of Casa de Creepy, looking out at Shantyville as the Carnivàle starts to leave. A dark patch in the middle of the cornfield starts to grow. Iris stares. There's a closer shot of stalks of corn as they wither and fade. And then we go back to the wide shot as the last of the trucks leaves Shantyville, and the entire cornfield withers.

Management's trailer. We slowly push in on the puppet theater. Ben lies in the back, still unconscious, rocked by the movement of the truck. And yeah, we do see the hole in his shirt, and yeah, there's not a wound beneath it, but that's not the focus of the shot at all and this show is many things, but as we've seen, subtle ain't one of them. Fade out. I've never been so glad to see closing credits in my life.

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