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This Way To The Egress

Where were we? Samson takes offense at Ben's kamikaze impulses, and huffs, "Management, you, Jesus, John the Baptist, the whole bunch of you! All fired up to throw your lives away!" Ben says, "They did what they had to do." Samson asks, "You think the Lord had to die to make his point?" Er. I had the impression it was sort of key, but then again, this is not my field of expertise. Samson suggests that when they called for Jesus to come down off the cross, he should have "come on down and spit right in their eye." Ben says, "That's about the dumbest thing I ever heard." Remember, this is set before the internet. Samson says, "The dumbest thing is dying when you ain't gotta. Dying just 'cause you're piss-poor at living." He tries to coin an aphorism: "When it comes to living, dying is the easy part." Ben doesn't answer, which is probably wise. Jonesy brings an end to the heady philosophical conversation by bringing up Sofie. He claims that if Ben had killed Justin the previous night, then Justin's followers would have come after Ben, and Sofie would wind up getting hurt protecting Ben. Are these arguments supposed to convince anyone? Ben thinks Sofie would have reacted a little differently: "She's all full up and goo-goo-eyed with the Lord." Hee. Jonesy and Samson insist that Sofie wouldn't betray them, and she certainly wouldn't ever turn all evil and black-eyed and shoot someone. Just as a hypothetical example. And then, having established that for us so that we'll be really surprised later, Samson and Jonesy start to head outside. Ben asks if Jonesy's going to put his leg-brace back on, but Samson says, "They already know."

Ben steps out of the trailer and finds most of the Carnivàle standing around, waiting to gaze at him adoringly. Hi, Gabe! Jonesy starts to lead Ben through the crowd, and Rita Sue takes Ben's hands and looks around. She makes a little speech about how grateful everyone is to Ben for healing Jonesy. She concludes, "You're a good boy, Ben Hawkins," and kisses his cheek. Ben moves on, and pauses as Ruthie takes his arm and kisses his other cheek. The camera slides over to the chow tent, where Lila and Burley are sitting. Lila grumbles, "That look like justice to you?" Burley tells her to dry up, and stomps off. Lila slams her fan angrily against the table. And so concludes Lila's epic quest for revenge. It was certainly worth all the time they spent on it.

Casa de Creepy. Sofie backs away from Justin, who asks her if Ben is with the Carnivàle. Sofie plays dumb for a while, and Justin eventually guesses that Sofie was in the Carnivàle, too: "You're one of them." Sofie says, "Not anymore." Justin tells her that she's a prisoner of her past, and that he can set her free: "It is time to choose, Sofie." She doesn't answer, and a black-eyed Justin snaps, "Tell me!" and grabs her by the shoulders. Sofie nervously says, "Go to hell!" Justin replies, "'Go'? Why? I plan on bringing it here." Well, I guess that works, too.

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