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This Way To The Egress

Outside, Sabina asks Samson why he took the tickets back when Justin was about to accept them. Samson smugs, "I just made sure he insist on 'em." Sabina's confused, and I doubt she's any less confused when Samson adds, "Snips and snails, m'dear."

Management's trailer. Ben, Jonesy, and Samson are having another conference. Ben's shocked to hear that Justin knows Sofie was part of the Carnivàle, and confirms that there was no sign of her in Casa de Creepy. Jonesy suggests that she was out running errands, but Samson says he's had Osgood watching the road. Jonesy grumbles that they'll never be able to search all of Shantyville for her, and he and Samson bicker about the situation until Ben snaps, "Shut up, the both of you. I'm trying to think." Hee. Tee hee hee. Also: snicker. Ben figures that Justin's got Sofie hidden somewhere so that he can use her "like a hole card." He adds, "The sumbitch'll be dead before he gets to play it." Samson asks what they should do, and Ben says they'll have to forget about her: "Once the shoutin's over, then we track her down." Jonesy frets, "What if she's dead?" Then it's too late to worry about it, really. Ben says, "If she's dead, then God help them all in this valley. Every single last one of 'em." Well, you'll only have to kill one of them to bring her back, Ben.

Shack de Creepy. Sofie is screaming for help and throwing her shoulder against the door. Which is mostly funny because, judging by all the sunlight coming through the cracks in the wallboards, she'd have better luck breaking through almost anywhere besides the door. She gives up on the door and screams some more. She's pretty good at screaming. Then Sofie kneels down on the floor and cries while the music alerts us to impending spookiness. The camera swings over her and around, and the walls shift as there's a knock at the door. Sofie stands up as Justin says, "Open the door, Apollonia."

We see a door open; Apollonia peeks out and asks, "What are you doing here? I told you to leave me alone." Justin, still off-screen, yells, "Let me in!" Apollonia jumps back as Justin smashes the door open and walks into apartment, and closes the door behind him.

Sofie stares. We get a rapetastic blipvert montage of doom. First, the same rape scene that Iris saw, complete with Iris still standing in the shot. Justin bends Apollonia over the dining table. Then we get Sofie's vision of her mother getting raped by the tattooed man. Then black-eyed Justin jumps into the camera shouting, "Tell me!" Then Ben's glimpse of the Usher walking a mile in Sofie's shoes. Apollonia slaps Sofie; Sofie slaps Apollonia. A Mason tells Sofie, "Every prophet in her house." Justin and Sofie pray together. Sofie and Libby have imaginary sex. Sofie and Ben have uncomfortable sex. Justin kisses Sofie. Ruthie sees Apollonia in a field. Young Sofie says, "Every prophet in her house." Rape-o-vision. Lodz says, "It can't be her!" Apollonia tries to kill Sofie.

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