Old Cherry Blossom Road

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A Carnivàle Thanksgiving

Cooch tent. Rita Sue works on her hair while Stumpy reads Crime Busters magazine. He suddenly asks Rita Sue for the name of a scam someone they know pulled in Mobile. Rita Sue gives him the look that she pretty much always gives him, and asks, "The lunch counter?" Stumpy chuckles and suggests giving it a try. Rita Sue refuses. Libby asks what the "lunch counter" is. Rita Sue explains, "You squat down on the edge of the stage and clip 'em each a nickel so they can lick your snatch." Libby's slightly shocked, and Stumpy quickly insists that Rita Sue's got the details wrong: "Four bits, minimum." Heh. Rita Sue calmly says, "It's low," and tries to change the subject. Stumpy insists that they're missing opportunities, the way they're working now, and mentions that he had to reject an offer from Burley. Stumpy concludes, "We gotta look to...manifest our...diversity." Ha! Rita Sue exits. Libby asks, "You in the hole again, Daddy?" Stumpy defensively says, "No!" but then calms down and assures her that he's just "pitching in to help keep this flea circus rolling." I like how nice Stumpy always is to Libby. Libby thinks for a minute and casually suggests that she could do the lunch counter routine. Stumpy stares at her for a second, surprised, and then says, "Your mom's right, that was dumb idea." He kisses the top of her head, and leaves. Aw, he decided not to take money from men who wanted to go down on his daughter in public. For this show, that's about as heartwarming as it gets.

Loving, NM. Varlyn walks up to the Templar hall and knocks. The door is opened. Varlyn asks if he could have a chat, and flashes Sheriff Butterfield's badge.

Casa de Creepy. Brother Justin tells Dolan that the waitress might have been wrong about what she saw: "And as for Eleanor, given her history, she's hardly reliable." Dolan argues that if rumors spread that Iris set the fire, they're all screwed even if Iris isn't arrested. Justin grrs, "I will not condemn her based on such flimsy evidence!" He turns to face the window as he adds, "I need more than just two women saying 'maybe.'" Huh. He wants Iris totally out of the way, doesn't he?

Later, Dolan leaves the room, and gives Iris an awkward glance upon spotting her sitting at the desk.

Sofie's pit is about two feet deep now. Samson walks up and offers Sofie a bottle of soda. Sofie mutters that she doesn't want a break, and keeps digging. Samson tells Sofie that the carnies are placing bets on her. Sofie doesn't care. Samson rather admiringly asks, "You're gonna show 'em, huh?" Sofie grins and says that she's not trying to prove anything. Samson's smile fades and he asks what she is doing, then. Sofie says, "It beats curlin' up and dying. That's what I'd do if I had to read those goddamn cards." Samson sets the bottle down in the dirt and as he walks away, Libby stares at Sofie from the background. Sofie notices her. Libby looks at her sympathetically for a second, and moves on.

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