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A Carnivàle Thanksgiving

Brother Justin is sermonizing in his Tent of Jericho. He moves to the microphone and starts in on the "dark lie festering in the heart of our nation today." He mentions that the nation was founded on the ideas that we all deserved "liberty, equality, and the right to pursue happiness." Equality? And not life? Hm. Iris watches from one end of the stage. Dolan makes notes at the other end. Justin works his populist way toward denouncing bankers, getting the crowd all riled up. The rabble, it is roused.

Ben and Gramma are back up in her room now. Ben asks how she does her needlepoint when she can't see. Gramma says, "I don't have eyes. That don't mean I can't see." She's fumbling in her dresser for something buried under a Confederate flag. She tells Ben that she has a surprise for him, and finally digs out a long, narrow bundle of paper. She starts to unwrap it while Ben goes on poking around in the dim room. He uncovers a plaster mold of a face as Gramma unsheathes a trench knife. Ben asks what it is, and Gramma idly mentions, "That's my Henry's death mask." Ben has turned the mask over, and inscribed in the plaster we see "Evander Geddes, Creed, Okla. 1924." Ben turns the mask back over and asks Gramma, "He's dead?" Then he looks down at the mask, and its eyes open. Boo! He drops the mask, and it breaks on the floor. Gramma asks what happened as Ben complains, "You didn't say he was dead!" Gramma moans, "You broke it." Ben says it was an accident, and Gramma stands up, her back still to him, and repeats, "There are no accidents." She turns, moving the knife behind her back, and more sympathetically says, "I thought you knew." Ben asks what she's holding, and Gramma gestures for him to come closer as she explains that she has "something [his] daddy left for [him]. Something real pretty." She tells him to close his eyes for his present. Ben keeps his eyes open but says that they're closed. Hey, he's thinking! But Gramma's thinking, too, so she reaches her hand to his face and holds his eyelids down with her fingers. She tells him not to peek, and then raises the knife up as Ben waits obediently. Gramma makes as if to plunge the knife down, but just twitches instead. Ben asks if he can look. Gramma says he can, and when he opens his eyes, she is the knife to him politely presenting. Gramma says, "He wanted you to have it. You'll need it where you're goin'." Ben asks where that is, and Gramma explains, "Where the dog and the wolf howl at the moon." Ben asks where that would be, exactly, but Gramma just says, "You'll see." Well, at least he asked a direct question. Not that it'll help Ben, but the Moon card in the Rider-Waite tarot deck shows a dog and wolf howling at the moon.

We quickly cut to Brother Justin, who's explaining that the fruits of our labors are ashes and dust.

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