Outside New Canaan

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Reunited! And It Feels So...Bleh.

But wait, there's more! The next morning, Justin starts shaving, and there's the faint noise of the calliope outside. He turns at the sound, nicking his cheek. Justin examines the cut on his cheek as blue blood oozes out. The music continues, and Justin wipes the blood away and goes to the window. Aw, he got blue pajamas to match his blood. That's cute. Iris says, "Isn't it lovely?" and walks into the room to join Justin at the window. They peer out through the curtains as Iris cheerfully explains, "It was my idea." She says that she thought it would boost morale. "Remember how we used to love it so when we were young?" Justin shoots her a dubious look and grumpily says, "Of course, you're right, my dear. How very thoughtful of you." They look out at the Carnivàle tents that have been pitched in the middle of Shantyville. The ferris wheel is there too. I guess they fixed it. Or maybe that's how they're planning to kill Justin. "You can ride for free! Just ignore the blood on the seats!" The spooky tweedle on the soundtrack tweedles spookily, and the camera pulls back from the house as Justin and Iris stand at the window. Justin voice-overs, "He gathered them together into a place called...Armageddon." I see.

Next time: Lightning-fu. Tattoo-fu. Varlyn-fu.

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