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Reunited! And It Feels So...Bleh.

Iris is carrying laundry downstairs when she meets up with Varlyn in the hallway. Varlyn plucks some filly underwear out of the laundry basket and says, "Who'd have guessed?" Iris says, "Actually, those are Justin's." Not really. She just grabs them back and walks on as she threatens to tell Justin about Varlyn's behavior. Varlyn calls her bluff, pointing out that if she were going to do that, she'd already have told him. He chuckles, and Iris continues on her way.

Shantyville. Ben is in the chow line, under an orange sky. He makes conversation with another guy in line named Willie. Ben introduces himself as "Henry," and asks Willie what his job is. Willie's part of the security force, and cheerfully says, "You'd be surprised how many people would like to see Brother Justin dead." Willie sighs that he hasn't been around long enough to get assigned to guard duty up at the house. Which is odd, because a second ago he mentioned that he came there from Mintern with Justin. So he was one of the first arrivals, surely? Ben casually asks whether the guards at the house get special training. Willie chuckles, "Just guns." Ben looks up at the house on the ridge, and sure enough, there are men carrying rifles around up there. Hey, I think Ben got new overalls. Or finally washed his old ones. And he buttoned them up properly, too. Hooray!

Casa de Creepy. Sofie is making a sandwich in the kitchen. As she trims the crusts off, we cut to Otho and his sidekick, who are meeting with Justin in the study. Justin listens tranquilly as Otho raves, "Men like Devine are ruining this country. He's a goddamn atheist!" Sofie brings the sandwich in, hands it to Justin, and exits, closing the door. Justin invites his guests to join him for lunch, but they're too busy being outraged. Justin holds his lunch plate lovingly as he explains that the devil invented the idea of separation of church and state. Then, lost in contemplation of his BLT, he says, "See how she cuts the crusts from the bread? It's almost too perfect to eat." Hee. Otho complains, "He called me your 'porcine patsy.'" Hee again. That sets Justin off on a tangent about why Jews don't eat pork, and while he explains that, his guests go on about how Devine is trying to keep the Okies from voting in the election. Justin's still more interested in pork, and Otho sighs, "For God's sake, Justin. Stay with us, we're trying to help you here." Justin looks at Otho. Otho widens his eyes and slowly sinks to his knees while Justin intones, "We don't need them." The sidekick goes on arguing until Justin says that once the voters understand "the choice presented to them," there won't be any problem. The sidekick falls to his knees as well, and he and Otho clasp their hands. Justin smirks, "That's right. Faith, gentleman."

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