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Reunited! And It Feels So...Bleh.

A truck full of firewood drives away. Seriously, what are they doing with the firewood? Ben looks around, carrying a purloined armload of wood.

Outside Casa de Creepy, a couple of the guards are complaining about the weather. One says, "Back home, we'd be bringing in the animals." The other insists that they don't get twisters in California. Which isn't entirely true, but yeah, not like they do in the midwest. Ben approaches with his load of firewood. He tells them that he was told to bring it up by "a fella down there, acts like he's top man." The guards quickly provide a likely suspect and chuckle knowingly. Ben tries to continue to the house, but they insist on searching him first. One of the guards flips up Ben's shirt to check his pockets and then slides his overalls up to examine Ben's ankles. Are they searching him or are they just kinky? Having found nothing, they allow Ben to pass by. They don't examine his armful of wood, of course, because they are dumb. They also don't make him take off his hat, which was my second guess.

Sofie wheels Balthus into the living room as she explains that she has to hurry off because "Brother Justin wants us all there by noon." She opens the curtains for Balthus as she expositions that she never thought she'd want to be baptized. She takes hold of Balthus's arm and says, "I wish you could be there, Reverend." Balthus stares at her balefully for a moment and then pulls his arm away. Sofie sniffs, "Maybe it would help you." She exits.

Ben's out on the porch, where he deposits the wood into a pail and pulls out his knife. And also an axe. He tucks the axe into his pocket, and the knife into his shoe, and enters the house.

Ben stands in the living room doorway and looks at Balthus, who's staring out the window. Balthus turns and sees Ben. They stare. Then Balthus looks upward in a significant way. Ben turns to look upstairs, and starts climbing. Someone shuts a door up on the second floor, and Ben pulls out his knife before continuing his explorations.

Sofie returns to the living room and asks Balthus if she can get him anything before she leaves. Balthus shakes his head. She asks him to pray for her, and strolls out the front door. I feel like, as written, we should have felt like Ben and Sofie just barely missed seeing each other, but given the show's glacial pace, it doesn't really feel like a near miss.

Upstairs, Ben skulks. He reaches the top of the stairs. Thirty seconds later, he pokes his head into a room. Twenty seconds after that, he enters Iris's bedroom. This show, I swear. By the dresser, Ben spots something, and reaches down to pick up a broken bit of Iris's mirror. Ben holds the shard up, and sees the reflection of a black figure pass the doorway behind him. Ben goes back into the hall, his knife at the ready.

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