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Reunited! And It Feels So...Bleh.

Ben enters Brother Justin's bedroom. I eye it for decorating ideas. I like the chair and reading table in the corner. And so does Ben, apparently, since he wanders toward them. The sawing violin on the soundtrack starts seesawing because this is, apparently, very exciting. Ben slips the knife into his overalls and starts to look more carefully at what I assume is The Gospel of Matthias. Then Iris's laundry basket pokes into the foreground, and she asks, "What are you doing here, young man?" She looks at Ben more carefully and asks, "What is that?" which is a shame, since what she means is, "Is that an axe in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?" Ben pulls the axe out and says that he was told to bring some firewood up, and didn't know where they wanted it, so naturally he just started searching through the house while he left the wood outside. You know, for Ben, that's a pretty good attempt at a cover story. Iris orders Ben to put the axe on the table, which he does, and points out that there's no fireplace upstairs. Ben stiltedly says, "No. Ma'am." I like his hat. Partly because it shades his eyes, so he looks mysterious, and partly because it...well, shades his eyes, and hides his prominent brow. Which I kind of like, actually, but I like guys who look a little odd. Iris looks at Ben for a while and then asks if he's been baptized. Ben says he hasn't. Iris says, "My brother is baptizing converts down at the pond today." She moves out of Ben's way. Ben turns and starts to retrieve his axe, but Iris snaps, "Leave it." Ben gets in a quick stare and leaves. Once he's gone, Iris picks up the axe and places it across Justin's pillow.

Carnivàle. Lila has gathered together Stumpy and Burley and all the other carnies with names ending in "Y," and tells them that Ben killed Lodz. Oh, fine; Rita Sue is there, too. Stumpy scoffs, but most of the carnies don't react at all. My theory is that nobody cares. Why would they, really? Lila moves on to her real point, which is that Samson helped cover up the murder. Burley asks how she knows about this. Lila sniffs, "Wouldn't believe me if I told ya." No further questions, your honor! Carny justice isn't like ours. Rita Sue glares at Lila as she and Stumpy leave the tent.

Outside, Rita Sue says that she doesn't care what happened to Lodz. See? She does care about the fact that "Samson's lost his goddamned mind," though. They enter the Cooch tent as Rita Sue grumbles that Samson's taking them to Bible camp. Stumpy, ever cheerful, says that he's got some French postcards they can sell. Rita Sue sighs, "They ain't gonna let us sell no dirty pictures, neither." As they pack up some of their things, Stumpy sighs, "Bud's gonna kill me." Rita Sue agrees, and mentions someone named Tiny Walker. Any relation to Tiny Dancer? She says that Tiny missed two payments: "His kid found him nailed to a tree, shot through the left eye." Stumpy stares at Rita Sue with his mouth hanging open. Heh.

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