Outside New Canaan

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Reunited! And It Feels So...Bleh.

The next day, Brother Justin has a chat with Earl and Leroy, the guards we met earlier, out on the porch. He confirms that they were the ones guarding Casa de Creepy yesterday, and asks them to unwrap a bundle sitting on the table. Earl pulls out the axe and puts it on the table, looking frightened. Justin tells Earl to pick the axe back up, and has Leroy put his hand on the table. Then Justin explains that he found the axe on his pillow. He asks if it's sharp. Earl tests the edge with his finger and confirms that it is. Earl watches as he involuntarily lifts the axe higher. Justin wonders if they are up to the responsibility of guarding Casa de Creepy. Earl frantically apologizes to Justin, who ignores him and sips his milk. Earl shouts, "Oh my God!" and slams the axe down onto the table, just barely missing the tips of Leroy's fingers. Sofie watches the proceedings from a window. Earl releases the axe, and Leroy pulls h is hand back and rubs it to make sure that everything's still attached. Justin smiles and assures them, "I have great faith in you boys. Don't disappoint me again." Earl and Leroy exit, and Sofie moves away from he window. Justin looks toward the house, and it's not clear whether he saw Sofie watching or not.

Sofie mops the hallway by the bureau. She looks at a photo of Balthus with a young Justin and Iris. She dusts it off with her apron and puts it back down so that she can notice that the top drawer of the bureau is open, with a bit of cloth hanging out. Sofie opens the drawer to poke the handkerchief or whatever back inside, and then sees the broken bits of the mask o' Ben. Sofie picks up the mask and stares at it as Justin appears in the hall behind her. Justin snaps, "That's mine." Sofie turns and asks why he has it, and Justin angrily asks why she's going through his things. Sofie ignores his question and asks how Justin got the mask. Justin's all, "It came free the mail with my subscription to The Evildoer's Journal." Then he looks a Sofie more carefully and realizes that she recognizes the face. Justin gets in Sofie's face and barks, "Who is he? Tell me!" Sofie jumps at his tone, and Justin calms down and apologizes. He claims, "This boy...he's a lost soul in need of guidance." He asks what Sofie knows about him. Sofie says that it's some guy named Ben that she met on the road, and that she doesn't know where he is now. Justin takes the mask away and puts it back in the drawer as he chummily tells Sofie, "If you see him again, tell him that he is safe here, and that I have prayed for his soul many times." Heh. He adds that "this is where he belongs." Sofie nods, and Justin says that she's a blessing, and kisses Sofie on the forehead.

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