Outskirts, Damascus, NE

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Samson returns to Management's trailer, calling for Ben. Then he steps forward, gazing at something with surprise. Eventually, we reverse to see that the empty space behind the puppet theater has been replaced with a decorated nook, lined with shelves and photos and knickknacks and a phonograph. Management's medals hang in a little shadow-box on the wall.

Samson exits the trailer and locks the door. From the shadows, Bert says, "Hey, Stitch." Samson says he doesn't answer to that name now. Bert asks what he should call Samson, then. Samson says, "'Boss' is fine. 'Sir' is better." He gets a lovely Sergio Leone shot here, with the brim of his hat hiding his eyes in shadows. Bert approaches and says, "Well, Sir..." and then flicks open a switchblade. Bert advises Samson to keep away from Sabina. Samson yanks a sword blade out of his cane and points it at Bert's throat. Aw, yeah. This makes me especially happy because, back when Varlyn confronted Samson, I was hoping Samson was so calm because he always carries a gun or something, and not because he's dumb. Samson tells Bert, "I'd tell your wife to stay the hell away from me." He flicks Bert's hair with the blade and tells him, "Git." Bert gits. Samson resheathes his cane. And then a woman screams nearby.

There's been a horrible accident at the ferris wheel! Hooray! Er, well, you know what I mean. The crowd displays panic by running about at random, while the cars swing above them. It looks like two guys are getting ready to try to climb down from the stopped wheel. The camera moves up to reveal an empty space where another car should be. Oh, there it is, on the ground. Jonesy hurries up, giving orders and asking what happened. Nobody seems to know, really. Two bodies lie next to the fallen car -- a woman and a child. Another woman sits on the ground near them, clutching the back of her head, and it looks like several other passersby were hit by bits of debris. Jonesy goes on giving orders as the unhappy woman who wouldn't let her kids on the ferris wheel points at him and shrieks that she saw him drinking on the job earlier. The carnies hurry to get the remaining passengers out of the ferris wheel, and Jonesy calls for a ladder to get the people who are up top. Samson moves through the crowd, reassuring the injured. Lila is tending someone's wounds as Samson tells Gabe to call the hospital. I'm not sure that's the best job to give Gabe, honestly. Sparks fly as another of the cars comes loose. A woman dangles out of it by one hand as the man in the car struggles to hold on. She manages to climb back into the car.

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