Outskirts, Damascus, NE

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The Carnivàle is packed up. Jonesy hustles along, telling people to keep their headlights off until they're out of the state. He gets into the lead truck. Samson asks if everyone's ready. Jonesy replies, "If they ain't, they can stay behind and wait for the mob." Samson says that they're heading west: "Abraham Lincoln Highway. As far and as fast as you can put us there. I got silver riding on it." He sips from his flask. The Carnivàle moves out.

Casa de Creepy. Brother Justin, in his robe, holds the broken pieces of the mask of Ben. He puts the pieces together and holds it up to his face, but nothing happens. He walks out of the room and into the hall. Then he looks around carefully before we hear the sound of a drawer opening, even though he's got his hands full of Ben's face. Props to dannyboybell for pointing that out. Justin puts the mask away and closes the drawer (with his hands, this time). Justin strolls out onto the landing and looks downstairs. The latest maid is bent over on her knees, washing the floor. Justin's eyes follow the bouncing ass as she works. I wonder if he'd like an introduction to Libby. Justin finally sighs and continues upstairs. And then the maid gets up and turns around as a dramatic chord reminds us to look up in time to see that it's Sofie.

Next time: Ben tries sneaking, Sofie learns her place, Jonesy and Libby get into trouble, and Justin cracks up over "Blessed are the meek." Hee. Oh, and the show's on at 10 PM starting this Sunday, because of the cowboys.

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