Outskirts, Damascus, NE

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Scudder strolls through the Carnivàle looking...well, about the way you would if a one-armed Russian strangle you, I suppose. "Dazed" sums it up. He passes by Ruthie, who stares after him in astonishment. It didn't occur to me on the first viewing that she'd think Scudder was another ghost, which really makes her reaction a lot funnier.

Scudder wanders through the front gates and out among the parked cars. Then he sort of bangs into the fender of one car and collapses. There's a lot of collapsing going on this week. Varlyn strolls over and says, "Looks like you could use a hand." Scudder says, "No, I've got 'em both; you're thinking of the other guy." Varlyn turns Scudder over and props him up against another car, and then jabs a hypodermic needle into his neck. As Scudder passes out, Varlyn introduces himself and explains, "I've got a friend who's just dyin' to meet you."

Ben runs through the Carnivàle, calling for Scudder. Samson appears and asks, "Scudder?" Ben says that something "terrible bad" has happened. He confirms that Samson hasn't seen Scudder, and rushes off.

Jonesy and Libby stumble out of a bar, singing loudly. They twirl about in the street, singing and smooching. Get a room! Or at least another field! Jonesy says, "I got an idea," and drags Libby off.

Rita Sue is putting on another show. She has perfect skin. Stumpy gets on stage and starts doing the pitch for the "Bulgarian muscle dance." Rita Sue takes this opportunity to ask Stumpy where Libby's gone. She hisses in his ear, "That's four double-trots in a row. I'm dyin'!" Stumpy leads the crowd into the next tent.

Brother Justin is lying in bed, recovering from his twitch-fest. Iris removes his shoes and starts to undo his shirt. Justin suddenly realizes what she's doing and brushes her away. He asks her what happened, and Iris asks, "You don't remember?" Justin says that he must have fainted. Iris says he had one of his spells, and insists that it was nothing. Justin seems surprised to hear that he has "spells," and doesn't look reassured as Iris tells him to rest.

Iris steps out of bedroom and finds Eleanor in the hallway. Eleanor asks, "Did you see?" Iris asks what she was supposed to see, and Eleanor says, "The devil in him." Iris reminds Eleanor that Justin is a man of God, and calmly heads downstairs.

Stumpy's smoking a cigarette outside the Cooch tent when an irate Bud Everhard appears, looking for his money. Stumpy apologizes for going off the circuit, and Bud sneers, "You people move around like a pack of drunk monkeys." Bud complains that Stumpy was supposed to let Bud know where they were headed. Bud grabs Stumpy and threatens him, and then Rita Sue appears to save the day. Like Mighty Mouse wearing a negligee. Hey, rhyming couplets are fun! Rita Sue tells Bud, "You want to slap him around, have at it. But if you want your dough, you best come on in here and talk to me." She strolls back into the tent. Stumpy nervously tells Bud, "She was just kidding about slapping me around." Bud shoves Stumpy out of the way and enters the tent.

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