Outskirts, Damascus, NE

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Back in Management's trailer, Samson sums up: "So you're saying he set the whole thing up?" Ben reaches behind the curtain and pulls out a book as he recites, "By the hand of the prince, the prophet dies; upon his death the prince shall rise." I like how he says this as if Samson should say, "Oh, yes, of course, I see it all now." Ben says that he's the prince, and Management is the prophet. He claims it's all in the book he's holding, which I assume is the Gospel of Matthias. Ben adds, "When I killed him, everything he was, everything he knew, everything he believed -- he gave it to me." So Ben can speak Russian now? Cool. Ben even goes on to explain how he has to defeat the Usher, who is Management's son, Alexi. Samson doesn't believe a word of this. I wish Ben would say, "You seriously think I'm capable of making this shit up?" Instead, he argues, "You knew the way he did things." Samson nods that he did, and snaps, "And you killed him, you damn hick son of a bitch!" Samson stomps out.

Ben goes over to what he thinks is still Sofie's trailer and knocks on the door. Lila opens the door in her robe and asks what he wants. Ben is taken aback as he asks where Sofie is, and Lila explains that Sofie left after their encounter with the Daily Brothers refugees. Lila's got her beard rolled up around a little curler, tee hee. Ben is shocked that Sofie's gone, because it's not like Sofie repeatedly told him she was leaving or anything. Ben mutters, "She wouldn't do that, not after..." After it rained? Lila chuckles, "Don't tell me you finally put the boots to that little biscuit?" She closes the door, still laughing. Ben sits down on the trailer steps and puts his head in his hands. Aw.

Morning at Casa de Creepy. Some kids play in the yard while a man rakes the yard and a woman sweeps the steps. In the good old days, fans would clean your house personally for you. Now they buy you Roombas, which is even cooler.

Inside, Brother Justin is reading the paper when the phone rings. Iris answers, and Varlyn asks to speak to Justin. While Iris tries to put him off, we see that Justin is reading a huge cover story in The Daily Chronicle with the headline: "Radio Minister Blasts Church Fathers." Justin puts down the paper and asks, "McNaughton again?" When Iris says that it's Varlyn, Justin strolls over to take the phone. Before he speaks, he stares at Iris until she takes the hint and leaves the room.

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