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Casa de Creepy. And the triumphant return of Otho as Councilman Templeton! Wow! He and his flunky are sitting on the couch chatting with Brother Justin while Iris serves lemonade. Otho says, "I doubt my name will pass muster with the nomination committee." Justin insists that they need men like Otho in Washington. He explains, "Ty Divine is a socialist and a degenerate." Iris adds that Divine (great name, by the way) is also an atheist, but Otho says that the problem is, Divine's the incumbent. Iris points out that hundreds of thousands of people listen to Justin's radio sermons. Justin says that next Sunday he'll be giving "a Sermon on the Mount for a new America," and that he'd like Otho to speak at it. Otho says that one speech won't win the election. Winning would take money, and volunteers going door-to-door. Iris points out that they have money, and Justin leads his guests outside to the to answer their other objection.

The men stroll across the lawn as Justin gets all Socratic with Otho until they get to the point: there were a about five thousand registered voters in the district as of the last census. They gaze out at Shantyville as Justin observes, "There's more than three times that number living here now -- over 17,000 souls." He says that his ministry provides everything for the Shantyvillians, and asks, "Who do you suppose they will vote for, come November?" Otho smiles, "Anybody you tell 'em to."

Cooch tent. Libby is throwing her belongings into a suitcase, and Rita Sue is pulling them out again while Stumpy watches from the corner. Rita Sue insists that Libby's too young to get married, and Stumpy gently agrees. Libby says it's a bit late to change that. Rita Sue says they'll have the marriage annulled, and Libby scoffs, "We ain't Catholic, Mama," as she refills the suitcase. Rita Sue urges Stumpy to "do something," but Stumpy doesn't think there's anything he can do. He wanders out as Rita Sue tells him that he's useless. Rita Sue tries yet another tactic, and kindly tells Libby that Jonesy probably sweet-talked her into it. Libby says that Rita Sue's just jealous. When Rita Sue pretends not to understand, Libby elaborates, "Because he wants me and not you." Rita Sue asks if that's why Libby married Jonesy, and Libby says, "Maybe I love him!" Heh. Maybe! I think she meant the "maybe" as sarcastic, but you can read it both ways. Rita Sue doesn't think love is enough reason for them to get married, but Libby says it's enough for her, and exits.

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