Outskirts, Damascus, NE

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Lugging two suitcases, Libby hustles away, offering Stumpy a quick "Bye, Daddy," on her way. Then she stops suddenly and turns to mention that she's also quitting the act: "Jonesy don't want me dancin' no more." Looks like we're gonna need another Catalina.

Libby walks directly in front of a trailer painted with a sign reading "Seductive Siren of Death." Heh. Subtle. She gives Jonesy a little smile as she comes up to the ferris wheel. Samson watches from a distance as Jonesy takes Libby's suitcases and leads her to his tent.

Samson ambles along to where Gabe is whittling a very nice little airplane as he sits on a hay bale. Hi Gabe! Samson asks why Gabe isn't doing a show. Gabe shrugs. Samson looks inside the tent for Ruthie while, a little ways away, a barker urges people to come see Rollo the Rubber Boy. Samson calls the barker, Jasper, over, and tells him, "I want you turning the tip on the rassling show." He says that the Rubber Boy can join the ten-in-one. Jasper observes that Rollo won't like that. Samson says, "Tell him it comes straight down from Management." Jasper nods and marches off.

Samson knocks on Ruthie's trailer and asks what's up. Ruthie opens her door a little bit and peers out at the Carnivàle with a frightened expression. She shakes her head and says, "I can't," and then withdraws back into the trailer. Samson follows her in, where she declares that she can't go outside. Samson, bewildered, asks if she's sick. Ruthie reminds Samson of her date with Skeeter, and explains that she's been seeing dead folks ever since she got snakebit. Samson does not ask, "A snake bit you? When was that?" I guess Ben might have filled him in while they were dumping Lodz's body. Okay. Samson peers at Ruthie and says, "We could work something out..." Hee. Ruthie says she's doesn't want to build an act: "I just want it to stop," she sobs. She says that she hadn't seen any ghosts for a while, but then she saw Scudder last night: "And this other one, he come and he shove him into a car. A car! They got cars!" Ha! Scudder assures Ruthie that Scudder isn't dead, and that he was at the Carnivàle last night. Ruthie sighs in relief as Samson asks her to tell him everything about the other man she saw.

Jonesy loads passengers into the ferris wheel. Stumpy strolls up and offers Jonesy a flask, along with his congratulations. Jonesy rather uncomfortably takes a swig from the flask, and an unhappy woman standing in line for the ferris wheel frowns and leads her children away. Jonesy tells another carny to take over the ferris wheel, and takes a few steps away to chat with Stumpy. Stumpy says he understands why Jonesy might disapprove of Libby's dancing. He cheerfully explains, "It takes a certain kind of man." That it does. Stumpy says that he and Rita Sue would like to invite Jonesy and Libby over for a family supper that night. At this point, I kind of thought Stumpy was planning to lead Jonesy off somewhere dark and kill him so that Libby would stay in the act. Wow, this paragraph has a remarkable "Y" count. Jonesy agrees to come to dinner. Stumpy's delighted, and heads off, but then comes back to advise Jonesy, "Don't go callin' Rita Sue 'Mother.'" A bemused Jonesy says, "I hadn't planned on it."

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