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Sister? But I just kissed her!

Jonesy and Ma, meanwhile, are elsewhere discussing the whole Sofie situation. They admit that they've both had conversations with the girl recently, and Ma adds that Sofie is obviously crazy about him. Well, I'm not too sure about the "him" part, but Sofie is definitely crazy about something. Jonesy agrees with this sentiment, saying that she's only interested in him "this week," and that's probably going to change soon. "We're just gonna have to be more careful," Ma decides, as she grabs his crotch in broad daylight in the middle of the midway. Insert your own jiggle joke here. I'm tapped out. Jonesy tells her that he really wants to give things a chance with Sofie, and that he further wants to end things with Ma because it's just too "complicated." "You didn't think it was complicated when I was sucking the head off your hammer," she snarls. Well, yeah. That's because you weren't using the feather. It's totally the feather that complicates things. She also points out that she's the married one in this situation, so she has a lot more to lose. "All the more reason I should be with Sofie," he replies. Totally failing to see the obvious logic in this argument, Ma complains that Sofie is just the girl in the fairy tale in Jonesy's mind, and he can't see past that. And what fairy tale would that be, exactly? Gretel & Gretel? Jill & Jill? The Old Woman Who Lived in a Sensible Shoe? This is also the point in the scene when it becomes really obvious that the weather was significantly windier when they were shooting Ma's close-ups, because her hair keeps blowing every which way until they cut back to the two-shot, where it's perfectly still. She moves in for a kiss, but Jonesy pulls away. He continues making a series of very rational excuses as to why their relationship needs to end, and then he finally declares emphatically that it's over. He walks away, but Ma chooses to throw all discretion to the wind (get it?) and shouts after him that Pa Pimp felt sorry for him, and just wanted to help make him a man again. "But it's clear now that no amount of fucking can do that," she yells. "You're still the same yellow gimp you always were." Yeah. Insert your own Pulp Fiction joke here.

Cut to Ben, hammering in a stake. Oy, with the penis imagery already. Lila sashays over and delivers a hearty wolf whistle as she takes this sight in. Well, if there was ever a girl that would like them dirty, it's definitely Lila. She starts teasing the boy about getting his "gun cleaned" by Adrienne Barbeau, and further adds that everyone in the entire carnival already knows about it. "How was she?" she asks. "Grateful, I imagine." Hee! That's why I love Lila. She moves right up next to Ben, and tells him that she was really hoping to be the one to pop his cherry. Her words, by the way. Ben, however, just keeps repeating over and over again that he's trying to work, because his "Hooked on Phonics" forty-five has a skip in it at that point, and it's all he knows how to say anymore. "If you ever get tired of Grandma," she whispers, "come and see Lila." Heh. What's disturbing about this show is that there's at least a ten-percent chance that Adrienne really is his grandmother.

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