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Sister? But I just kissed her!

"Well, you said I need to trust people," says Ben. "Okay, then. I'm trusting you." Heh. It's not quite up to the standards of everyone's favorite "Samson says shit" edit, but that was still pretty funny. Ben is talking to Samson just outside the carnival's front gate, and finally beginning to open up about all the weird stuff that's been happening lately. He tells Samson that he's been seeing Scudder everywhere, including in Babylon and the church from last night. He wants Samson to explain everything, to which Samson replies, "I don't know why you see the things you do. I wish I did." Hee! Even when Ben begs, people still never tell him anything. It's no wonder he's so stupid. I have seen some people speculating that Samson really does know, but just isn't saying anything because he's afraid that Lodz, Lila, or Management might be listening in. Personally, I think he really doesn't know anything. Samson is a good guy, and a way better manager than Management, but he does seem to be out of the supernatural loop, so to speak. Ben asks for more details on the "old country" incident Samson referred to last week, and all Samson can add is that it had something to do with Lodz. Which Ben already knew. "That's it?" asks an incredulous Ben. "That's all you got to tell me?" Samson further reveals that it wasn't an accident that they picked Ben up, because Management said he was expected. Except Samson already told the boy the exact same thing last week. Oops. "Expected?" asks Ben. "I don't know what the hell that means." Aww. Are three syllables too many for you there, Ben? Just break it down, and use your big-boy words. "Watch yourself," warns Samson. "Something's building, kid. I can feel it. When it breaks…well, the season will probably be over." Samson leaves, and Ben just stands there, looking stupid.

Lodz's trailer. He and Lila are in there together, and he's sitting silently while she mends Adrienne's dresses and bitches about all the changes she's going to make once she's Queen of the Carnival. The first thing she's going to do is get her own tent and move it up front, and then she's going to have "Possum" bring their meals to the trailer so they don't have to eat with the "riff-raff." Yeah. I don't know. With a cook named "Possum," it seems like they should probably be more worried about actually eating the riff-raff. Also, "riff-raff" is just fun to say. Lodz, however, has wisely chosen not to listen to a word she's saying, and I have to say that I wish I could do the same. I like Lila better when she's his equal partner, and not a whiny bitch for him to beat on. Lodz finally announces that they'll be heading into town. "Business or pleasure?" asks Lila. "Pleasure for you," he answers. "Business for me." Hmm. Does this mean he's pimping her out now? Because I've got two dollars if he is.

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