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Note to self: Stop linking so much.

Ben reveals that he's actually spent quite a lot of time reading the Bible, although he does list a fairly large number of books that all aren't Genesis, so maybe his reading comprehension isn't any better than his personal hygiene. Heh. Maybe he's really a secret member of the Coin-Puking Dirty clan. That might actually explain a lot. In fact, I'm surprised it hasn't come up in the speculation thread yet. Lord knows every other possibility has. Ben also adds that he's had enough of the Bible "for one lifetime," without any mention of whether that also includes Scudder's lifetime. Adrienne changes the subject, and explains that they're looking for either a "hog nose" or a "plainbelly." Yeah. I don't even need a joke here. Those words are funny all by themselves. She also warns Ben to watch out for "cottonmouths," because she got bit once in Ft. Worth a few years back, and almost died. Wow. What the hell does Dan Knauf have against Texas? I mean, I get that south is hell and north is heaven (because Minnesota is where Prince lives, of course), but Dan hates Texas like Joss hates his father, and that just seems weird. Adrienne also reveals that it was ol' "Hack Scudder" who pulled her through, just by laying his hand on her cheek. When she tries to replicate the gesture with Ben, he recoils, explaining that he comes from a distinctly non-touchy-feely kind of family. "That's a shame," whispers Adrienne, as she reaches out to try and caress him a second time. "We're all about inappropriate familial touching in this carnival." She strokes his face, and they share a moment, but they totally fail to kiss. Sigh. Whatever. It's almost enough to make me miss Patti and Rebadow.

Back at the carnival, Ma Cooch is not exactly down with Pa's newfangled "Hollywood" plan. Much bickering ensues, with her basic argument being that if they leave the carnival, they'll just end up broke and on the "bread line." I mention the "bread line" part solely because it's the only reference to loaves we'll be getting before the upcoming "fishes" scene. Pa, however, seems convinced that everything will work out, or at the very least that things will be better than they are right now. He also really just wants to get the hell out of Carnieland. Ma announces that they've got to get back on their feet, and further reveals that she's planning on resuming the show later that night. "She ain't but two weeks in the ground," answers Pa. Ma looks sad, but the show must go on. As must the packing.

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