The Road To Damascus

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Sofie asks Ben why he needs to go with the Carnivàle. Ben explains that he's trying to find his father. Exhausted from the strain of trying to talk about someone else's problems for more than ten seconds, Sofie says, "If I met my father, I'd kill him dead." Ben stares, because what is there to say to that? Sofie adds, "He raped my ma. That's why she hates me." Ben asks Sofie, "How could anybody hate you?" which seems to be widely regarded as one of the funniest things ever said on the show.

The sun rises as the caravan moves on. And on. And on. In the lead truck, Jonesy says, "What the hell?" and slows down. Samson wakes up and immediately starts to complain, but then opens his eyes. Approaching them is another caravan. And this one's got an elephant! Samson gasps, "Shit's Christmas." The captioning said "Shit Christmas," but I heard more sibilance in there, and I think my version makes marginally more sense, so I'm going with it.

The second caravan features the aforementioned elephant hauling a trailer. A black man, wearing some kind of "African savage" costume, is leading the elephant. There also people walking along with the trucks, including a half-man, half-woman (hereafter, "the he-she") who is rather improbably marching along the road in full costume. I know there was a fire, but I'm still skeptical about that. The two caravans begin to pass each other.

Jonesy pulls to a stop and asks a truckload of people what happened. Various new carnies explain that the Daily Brothers burned down their own show for the insurance. The "African Savage" dude strolls up and asks if Samson's in the truck. Samson helpfully identifies him as Charlie Lewis, and shakes his hand. Charlie explains that most of the carnies scattered after the fire, and the ones who stayed have "a few busted trucks and maybe $13 in change between us." He adds, "Damn but ain't it a lucky thing you come by." Samson and Jonesy trade looks.

At the tail end of the caravan, Ben says he's going to go see what's happening. I think he's probably just eager to get out and talk to someone friendlier than Sofie. Like maybe Hitler. Sofie says she'll wait in the truck.

Jonesy begins ordering everyone around as he has all the trucks pull off into a field and form a circle. He orders his own crew to "set up the cook tent and maybe one of the other tops." Samson strolls along past the hubbub and hears a woman say, "Hey, Stitch." He looks up and sees a blonde talking to him through the window of her trailer. She's got Scorpion-Girl hands, and terrifying collagen lips. Samson continues to be a good friend to recappers when he identifies her as Sabina. Sabina asks if Samson's going to just leave them, and Samson sniffs, "Well, what does it look like?" Then he walks on, with a slightly terrified expression. Heh. As he moves on, he runs into Ben, who complains that they were planning to be in Damascus that night. Samson snaps, "Well, what are we supposed to do, just keep going? We've got a code." Actually, it's more like a guideline.

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