The Road To Damascus

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Sofie is in the truck, staring at yet another magazine she has plucked out of the ether. Maybe that's her magic power. She's also playing with a lighter, but stops when she hears quiet sobs. In the truck's side mirror, she sees a girl standing in the road, looking back the way they came. Sofie gets out of the truck and calls, "You okay?" She gets no response, and walks over to the girl, who is holding a beat-up doll by one arm. As she gets close, the girl suddenly turns. Her hair is cut like Sofie's, and her eyes are black as she says "Every prophet in her house," in Apollonia's voice. Sofie gasps, "Mother..." and backs away in terror. Then she backs right into Ben, whirls around, and sees that the little girl is gone. Ben explains that they're camping where they are, and mentions that there was a fire. Sofie asks, "Did anybody die?" Ben says no. Sofie looks disappointed, and gets back in the truck. Ben points out, "You might be more comfortable in your trailer." Sofie says she'll stay where she is. Ben rather apologetically says that he has to go help, and asks if Sofie's okay. Sofie shakily lights a cigarette and says that she'll be fine.

Iris is in her room, praying. She appears to have smashed a mirror on the floor, and is now kneeling on the bits of broken glass. Okay. She begs for deliverance: "Let them be ashamed and confounded, those who seek to take my soul. Let them be turned backward in confusion, those that desire my hurt." Apparently, being Justin's sister is like being in high school for eternity. And isn't that a terrifying thought? She sobs and goes on that way while the camera pans down to show blood soaking the edges of her nightgown where she's kneeling.

The carnies eat. The He-She notes that the Carnivàle seems to be doing pretty well, and says that the Daily Brothers had a hard summer. Remember that later. He trails after Samson as he mentions hearing that the Carnivàle lost some acts. Samson finally asks, "You lookin' to hook up with us?" Gabe (Hi, Gabe!) and the Cooch family eavesdrop as the He-She admits, "We might be persuaded." Samson snaps, "Forget it." The He-She promptly turns and introduces himself to someone as "Bert Hagenbeck." Stumpy whispers to Samson that Bert is "the worst damn He-She I ever did see." Samson chuckles, "Did you ever see a good one?"

Ben brings Sofie some food and a soda. Sofie thanks him, and then tells Ben that he doesn't have to keep her company. Ben says that he doesn't mind hanging out with her, and I wonder if the point of all of his creepy encounters with relatives and pedophiles was to make Sofie seem like relatively pleasant company. He gripes about stopping for a day. Sofie asks what the hurry is, and adds, "It's not like you really know where your father is." Ben says he's pretty sure his dad's in Damascus. Sofie says, "You know what's in Damascus? A whole lotta pig shit and no one to shovel it." She's a charmer. After a minute, she asks what difference it will make if Ben finds his father: "People like you and me, we don't have nice little families." Ben says he knows, but that he still has to find his dad. Sofie grumbles that she's leaving the Carnivàle. She adds, "You could come with me. I don't care what you say, you don't belong here -- no more than I do." Ben says "It's just my lot." Sofie says that it doesn't have to be, but Ben says that it does.

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