The Road To Damascus

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A record plays as Rita Sue dances with Stumpy. She suggests that maybe they could use his winnings to buy a place in Florida. Stumpy agrees, "Put in a down payment, buy a new car, get you some new clothes...or a trip to Niagara Falls." Rita Sue happily asks how much money it'll be again. Stumpy says, "$1400." Rita Sue asks, "I thought you said it was $1200." Stumpy sticks to the latest figure. Rita Sue dances, looking sadder and sadder. Poor Rita Sue. I told you not to give him the money.

Ben and Sofie hear the distant strains of the music from the truck. Ben suddenly hops out and opens Sofie's door, saying, "You can't stay in this truck all night." He takes Sofie's hand and starts to lead her toward the tent, but after a few steps Sofie pulls back and says, "I can't." Ben insists that she can: "Me, I ain't no Fred Astaire, but I like this song." I think Nick Stahl is a pretty good actor, because he's quite charming here. So either up until now he's succeeded brilliantly at hiding how likable he is, or they suddenly asked him to try to be charming, and he succeeded brilliantly at faking it. Which only leaves the question of why they didn't ask him to be charming before now. Anyway, Sofie admits that she likes the song, too, and Ben takes her hand again and starts dancing with her in the road. They just sort of lean back and forth together, but it's nice in that fumbling junior-high-social way. Except that we can once again see how filthy they both are in the lights from the tent.

Casa de Creepy. Iris looks down at the Tent of Jericho, and the surrounding Shantyburg. Brother Justin walks up next to her and joins in her staring. Iris suddenly says, "I'm sorry, Alexi. I can't give you what you want." Justin growls, "What is it that you think I want?" Iris says, "Remorse. Regret." Her voice lowers as she says, "And I would do it again for you." They return to their staring. Iris half-laughs, "Oh, isn't it beautiful?"

Stumpy wanders off from the big top and takes a leak. The elephant wanders up next to him. Eventually Stumpy notices it, and slurs, "Hi, elephant. How you doin'?" I'm not sure that any amount of alcohol could keep you from smelling an elephant when it was still yards away. Well, unless you inhaled the alcohol. Which I don't recommend. Stumpy is distracted by Rita Sue's voice nearby, and goes to investigate.

Rita Sue has opened up a trunk (er, not the elephant's), and is giving away some of the Cooch family's clothes to the Daily Brothers refugees. Stumpy wanders up and grabs his straw hat away from Bert. Rita Sue explains, "It's only right that we give away a few of our old things." Stumpy tries to grab back some of his stuff as Rita Sue says, "These people are in need -- where's the charitarian in you?" Heh. She adds that they can by themselves new clothes when Stumpy gets his winnings. Poor, poor Rita Sue. Trying to call his bluff. Stumpy tries to shoo the carnies away, explaining that Rita Sue isn't feeling well. She goes on handing things out until Stumpy finally snaps at her, "Are you out of your gourd? Goddamn!" Rita Sue tensely says, "We're gonna be rich, ain't we? We're gonna buy ourselves an alligator farm, a new car -- a brand-new car -- and go on vacation, right? Ain't that what you said?" Stumpy glares at his wife and finally says, "Yeah. Fine." He stomps away to light a cigarette. Rita Sue packs up the scattered clothes and then stands next to Stumpy silently. After a long moment, Stumpy says, "I lost it." Rita Sue asks, "All of it?" He says yes, and starts to add something, but Rita Sue asks for a cigarette. Stumpy mutters, "Oh, honey," and then Rita Sue wanders off silently.

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