The Road To Damascus

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Jonesy hobbles toward the truck, shouting, "Look alive, we've gotta batten down!" He hammers a fist on the truck's hood, then peers in through the open window. Ben, in particular, looks terrified. Heh. Jonesy quickly hops back and hurries away. Ben tells Sofie, "I'm sorry -- I gotta go." Dude, I think you'll probably be excused. And honestly, does he think he's going to be fired? He can spend days at a time roaming the countryside instead of working, but suddenly he's overcome with the need to earn his keep? For that matter, why did Jonesy decide to rush across the huge field to get Ben when there are dozens of carnies inside the tent who'd probably be more help at rain-proofing the place? Not to suggest that the characters behave illogically, of course. I'm sure I'm just confused somehow. At any rate, Ben hops out of the truck carrying his shirt, and I guess he never even took off his pants. Or his shoes. Classy.

Tent of Jericho. The Shantyvillians are singing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." Brother Justin climbs the steps onto the dais, where Dolan whispers something in his ear. Iris is leading the choir. Justin approaches the Radio KoZAK microphone and asks everyone to sit. They do, and we see some cops and, I think we can safely assume, the county prosecutor standing in the center aisle. Justin says he has an important announcement, and looks over at Iris, who nods. Justin says, "One year ago, six innocent children and their matron were murdered." Excuse me? That was a year ago? I'll get to that in a minute; hang on. Justin declares that their investigation into the fire is finally over: "The perpetrator has been identified, and a confession has been signed!" Iris looks just a tiny bit tense, for some reason. Everybody else seems pretty amped up about the whole thing. Justin tells them that this is "not cause for jubilation, but lamentation." He puts on his special serious voice as he announces that the guilty party is someone among them: "A trusted leader in our ministry, masquerading as a member of our family in Christ." The congregation is aghast as Justin asks Dolan to step up to the podium.

While Dolan introduces himself, Justin stands next to Iris and holds her shoulders supportively. Dolan says he has a signed statement to read, and as he pulls it out of his jacket, the cops take a few steps closer. And if you can't see where this is going, you have never watched television before. Dolan reads, "On the evening of September 8th, 1934, I entered the Dignity Ministry, poured gasoline on the floor of the basement, and set fire to the orphanage. My motive was to get an exclusive story so that I might career?" Dolan finally notices what he's saying, and Iris frowns, puzzled. One of the Shantyvillians shouts, "He killed them kids!" Dolan mutters, "No..." and skips ahead to the second page of the statement. Then he quietly says, "No, it was Iris," and points at her. Hee. The cops approach the dais as Dolan frantically skips to the end: "I fell under a shadow. It preyed upon me. It needed to be done." The cops grab Dolan as he reaches the end of the statement and sees his own signature at the end. There's a whole lot of hubbub going on as the prosecutor takes the confession away from Dolan. Dolan looks over at Justin and Iris and insists, "It was her! She killed those kids!" As the cops drag him toward the door, Dolan calls, "You set me up!" Justin frowns, "Oh, Tommy." Tee hee. He sounds so disappointed. Somewhere, Jim Bakker is wondering, "Now, why didn't I think of that?"

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