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Okay, let's pause for a moment to discuss timeline. Things are already a little odd because "After the Ball is Over" and "Babylon" both feature newspaper stories about events that took place in July of 1934. And in between those two episodes, Iris burns down Chin's during "Black Blizzard." But the newspaper in "Babylon" could have been a few weeks old, since I don't imagine that they were getting overnight delivery service, so I can get past that one. Here's the thing, though. The episodes from "Hot and Bothered" through "Alamogordo, NM" don't cover much time. I'd say they cover about two weeks, but let's go crazy and say it's a whole month. We know that they're set around November, 1934, because of the Day of the Dead. See my problem? If it's now autumn of 1935, then eight or nine months have passed somehow during the past three episodes. Listen, I managed to make sense of the timeline during Season 4 of Angel, and this one's beyond me. But the good news is that we can now explain away just about anything by claiming it took place during the missing months. Which is nice.

Sofie has turned the radio on, gotten out of the truck, and is dreamily turning around in the continuing downpour while music plays. The music is suddenly replaced with an announcer introducing "Brother Justin's Saturday evening Church of the Aaaair." Justin explains that "God's mind was made up long before the foundation of earth was laid." The rain stops abruptly. Sofie looks toward the truck as Justin goes on about "God's plan of salvation."

Lila is prettying herself up when a shadow appears at the entrance to her tent. She invites Charlie to come on in, but when he doesn't enter, she gets up to investigate. Upon pulling the tent flap open, she sees Ruthie shivering in the entrance. Ruthie raises her head and opens her eyes to reveal that they're clouded over like Lodz's were. Lila gasps as Ruthie asks, "Where is the boy?" And then Ruthie collapses.

The next morning, Samson approaches Sabina, who is reclining under a parasol. Samson offers her 5% of the receipts if she joins the Carnivàle. They haggle a bit, settle on 10%, and then she insists that Bert has to come along. Samson looks over to where Bert is taking a piss in a field -- his back to the camera, for the record. Samson wonders why she cares about Bert, and Sabina explains, "He's my husband." Samson boggles, but agrees that Bert can tag along. Then Sabina is initiated into the cast with her first bit of awkward exposition, as she explains that she doesn't think the Daily Brothers burned down their own show: "There were a bald-headed fella nosin' around. Had a badge, but he weren't no cop."

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